Fifa Ultimate Team And How I Earned 50, 000 Coins ter 6 Hours

Trading abilities

Firstly check out our Youtube channel for more Good Fifa Ultimate Team Movies. Also there are linksom to my other Fifa hubs at the bottom of the pagina, including how to IMPROVE at FIFA. This Hub wasgoed written a duo of years back and the pricing etc is specific to that year and that edition of Fifa. It is a non specific guide to demonstrate you that trading can be done and if you work hard lots of coins can be yours.

Trading abilities, that’s right that’s how I earned 50,000 coins te just overheen 6 hours. Now I’m not going to sit here and give you a rough run down of how I built my team and how I earned 50,000 coins so damn quickly, no, what I’m going to do is tell you word for word and trade by trade just what I did and how I went about it, what players I brought and sold and what games I played, trust mij I am not the best fifa player and I know I am not the best trader out there but I just have a good eye for who is selling well and who isn’t. When I tell you who I brought I will also tell you why I brought that particular player. I embarked out with no coins and no ge players to sell at Ten te the morning and by just after Four ter the afternoon I had 50,000 coins at the top of my screen, well actually it wasgoed 50,350, Here’s how I did it.

Getting Some Embarking funds

I had Five,000 coins and determined that I wasgoed sick of buying gold packs and getting nothing but three high 70- rated players that were basically crap, so I told myself that’s it no more buying packs spil they are a waste of money, save your money up then buy ge players on the cheap on the market instead of hoping you get them te a pack, so I spent my last Five,000 on a pack and guess what. That’s right I get Pedro Leon rated 76, Thiago Ateo rated 71 and Defour rated 77, have you everzwijn heard of thesis players that play for obscure bloody teams, Chic from Pedro Leon, no neither had I, I also got a 95 contract card which is handy spil contract cards now hold their value, a duo of 80 contract cards and some team training.

Right lets sell some stuff, I waterput all three players on at 200 commencing and 350 BIN, I waterput the 95 contract on at 1000 commencing and 1500 BIN and then waited, 1 hour zometeen they had all sold at BIN exclusief from 1 player who went for the kicking off price of 200, I now had 2400 coins to trade with, let the joy and games start.

The Very first Few Buys

So searching through the list of trades I very first found Stuart Downing and he wasgoed up for 500 kicking off, so I waterput ter a bid of 900 and verrassing verrassing I won, next I spotted Craig Bellamy for kicking off price of 1000, I waterput te a bid and kept getting outbid but eventually won him at 1400 which I wasgoed very astonished at, so I wasgoed virtually out of contant so I waterput the two players up for sale, firstly I knew by doing a little research that the BIN price of Stuart Downing wasgoed around 1700 so I waterput him up for beginning price of 1000 and BIN at 1800, then waterput Craig Bellamy up for embarking price of 1200 and BIN of 2950, abt 45 Minteken’s zometeen both had sold at the BIN prices which meant I now had 4850 to play with

Bargain 45 mins gone and dual the coins. Eyeing spil Stuart Downing had sold so well I went out and brought Two more, one at 950 and one at 1100, and waterput them both up at 1800 BIN. I then searched for Anderson of Man utd and found him with Ten secs left at 2550, I went te at 2700 and won.Bargain, I then waterput Anderson up for kicking off price of 2800 and BIN of 5000. One of the Downings went for 1550 and the other BIN at 1800, Anderson went at 5000, Yippee, I now had 8600 coins and had only bot trading for about 1hr and 30mins, Now to truly begin shopping with my fatter budget.

8600 Coins And Progressing

Now i could by thicker and better players and hopefully make more profit,firstly i thought i would check out the defenders available and eyed John Terry for kicking off price of 5500 with a BIN price of 12000,thought i would go ter at 5500 and see what happens,spil it wasgoed i only went up against a duo of other people and ended up getting him for 7200,then i brought Shay Given for 1100 and waterput him up for 1100 commence and BIn for 2200 and waterput John Terry up for commencing price of 7500 and BIN of 12000,(chancing my luck) Fortunately they both sold for BIN price albeit i had to waterput Given up again spil he didn’t sell very first time,so i now had 22800 coins which meant i wasgoed now te the big league when it came to player buying.

22800 Coins And Upwards

I determined to search the foreign markets and i managed to find with only seconds left Del Piero rated at 89 for a embarking price of Ten,000,i bidded and nobody else did so i won, I then waterput him up with a BIN of 14950.I then found Vidic of Man utd for 9,100 and waterput him up for BIn of 12,000.I also found Michael Carrick for 2950 and waterput him up for BIN of 4000.Del Piero went for 14950,Vidic went for 12000 and Michael Carrick wasgoed bidded on for the total hour and went for 3600.This brought my grand total up to 31300 and i had only bot playing for about 3hours 45minutes.

Next i bidded on Tevez and won at 13650 and waterput him up for BIN of 19000, And i managed to capture Ronaldhino for a bid of 17650 which wiped mij out coin wise.I had no coins and two players to sell,Tevez i had to waterput up twice spil my BIn wasgoed high but he eventually sold for Nineteen,000,then With Ronaldhino i just waterput him up with a beginning price of 18500 and no BIN.He wasgoed bidded on like crazy te the last Ten minutes and ended up going for 24600.I now had 43600 coins,but i wished to klapper the 50,000 mark spil i had my eye on Kaka for my squad. В

The final Hurdle

I had now bot playing for almost 5hours and 30 minutes and knew i only needed a duo of good sales to make 50,000 coins, so with 43600 ter the bankgebouw i went for it.I found Lampard going for 32,500 and won, then waterput him up with a no BIn and a commencing price of 35600,there wasgoed a utter on bidding war spil there seemed to be a shortage of Lampard’s and he eventually went for 39250.I had done it i had reached my purpose of 50,000 coins te just overheen 6 hours,now i could proceed on to 100,000 because i felt i could achieve that.

What Goes after is a Pt 1 of a guide on how to become a better Fifa player, Using tricks and tips from some of the worlds best players and a little impartial skill from myself.

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