Ten Alternative Sites Like YouTube

Movie Sites Like YouTube

Interested ter an alternative to YouTube? There are slew of movie sites available to see and share movie content for free.

YouTube, wielded by Google, is presently the most popular movie sharing webstek available. Despite its dominance, there are many other sites where you can upload your movies to grow your audience, improve movie quality, or simply get quicker upload speeds.

This list of sites concentrates on benefits from both an uploader and viewer perspective. Some will appeal to uploaders, due to their audience size and ease of uploads, while others will appeal because of the quality of their movies and available subscriber options.

Vote for the Best YouTube Alternative: Which Webpagina is Your Favourite?

Which Movie Webpagina Is The Best Webpagina Like YouTube?

Ten Sites Like YouTube

Alternatives to YouTube

1. Vimeo

Vimeo wasgoed embarked by filmmakers, so it is no verrassing that they have strong support for film-related movies. If you are looking to upload your own brief films (spil an indie filmmaker) or simply interested te watching user-created films, you should attempt this webpagina.

It also has a superb movie schoolgebouw that content-creators can use to tweak their uploads and a supportive community that is interested te up-and-coming creators. Its Plus and Voor upgrades are worth considering if you’re a regular uploader looking to liquidate some webpagina limitations.

If you are looking to upload your indie filmrolletje content, then Vimeo is worth a look.

What is Vimeo

Two. TwitchTV

TwitchTV (Twitch), launched te 2011 spil a subsidiary of JustinTV that concentrates solely on gaming content, is volmaakt for gamers. It specialises ter movie spel live-streaming and also offers stream recordings.

Twitch is your YouTube alternative for eSports, talk shows, and spel commentaries. The webstek is presently predominated by League of Legends, StarCraft, DOTA, World of Warcraft and Call of Duty-related content.

It’s also a excellent place for gamers to monetise their content through the Twitch Playmate Program which permits users to earn revenue from advertising displayed on their movie spel flows and content. Many professional gamers and commentators have paired this with the YouTube Partnership Program to earn a full-time living.

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