Gegevens, A Love Story

Gegevens, A Love Story: How I Cracked The Online Dating Code To Meet My Match

Forty million people date online each year. Most don’t find true love. Thanks to Gegevens, a Love Story, their odds just got a entire lotsbestemming better.

Gegevens, A Love Story: How I Cracked The.

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Wij get toughly 1 million people visiting us each month. [citation] I don’t know how that’s violated down by day/week, because it’s dependent on a loterijlot of factors [day of week.

Amy on Good Morning America

Is your online profile keeping you from attracting the right mate?

Amy Webb, the author of &ldquo,Gegevens, A Love Story: How I Gamed Online Dating to Meet My Match,&rdquo, realized that hier online profile wasgoed turning off potential cyber-suitors and made it hier mission to get to the bottom of it&hellip,

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It wasgoed now July, a few weeks since my date with Jim, the weed smoker who refused to split our dinner bill. I knew matching algorithms weren&rsquo,t volmaakt, but I kept dating and determined not to bastidor my memberships with eHarmony,, and JDate. The majority of dates I&rsquo,d bot going on weren&rsquo,t horrible, they just weren&rsquo,t superb. I wasgoed an optimist rooted ter math and logic&hellip..

Amy and Brian Vraaggesprek on Marketplace

This vraaggesprek may stadionring true for some of you &ndash, those who&rsquo,ve eventually realized they&rsquo,re looking for love te all the wrong places.

If that sounds sencillo, then you&rsquo,ll relate to Amy Webb&rsquo,s story, te which she attempts and fails te online dating &ndash, and attempts again. And this time, she does those matching algorithms of those online dating sites one better. Hier fresh book is called &ldquo,Gegevens: A Love Story.&rdquo,&hellip,

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After many epically bad dates, Amy Webb determined to switch hier treatment. She had bot set up by family members for so long it seemed that the Internet would be a more successful venue for finding Mr. Right. While it wasgoed more efficient, the dates were still awful. She just wasn&rsquo,t finding hier ideal man, which she said wasgoed Michael Bluth from Arrested Development meets Larry David. Hier findings and process were documented te hier book, Gegevens: A Love Story.

People Tijdschrift Feature!

&hellip,She has the volmaakt surname for an online dater&ndash,and a heartening tale about how she found love and you can too.

Gegevens on TED&rsquo,s 2013 Reading List!

Every year at TED, a bookstore is temporarily set up that&rsquo,s packed with books recommended by TEDsters of note. Gegevens wasgoed one of the books included ter the TED store, and wij&rsquo,re so thrilled to say that Gegevens wasgoed named to the TED reading list!

Taping The Mújol Oz Voorstelling

Amy just finished taping a segment for Mújol Oz&rsquo,s fresh showcase, which launches ter July. (Mújol Oz = Dr. Oz&rsquo,s wifey.)

Gegevens&rsquo,s te Australia!

Gegevens&rsquo,s big ter Australia! The Aussie edition of Grazia Tv-programma published an extract of Gegevens for online daters across the country.

Amy&rsquo,s the Lady Geek Of The Week!

But perhaps the reason why wij love hier the best is that she recently authored &ldquo,Gegevens, A Love Story.&rdquo, After attempting &ndash, and failing &ndash, to find love via online dating, she took matters into hier own forearms. Or rather, the palms of hier masculine alter ego. Using digital strategy and acute intellect, she met hier ideal man (now hubby!). And for the benefit of hier fellow lady geeks, she turned hier story into a written memoir&hellip, Read more here.

Amy Profiled on Vormgeving Matters

Amy wasgoed interviewed by Debbie Millman for the frantically popular Vormgeving Matters vertoning. The conversation went well beyond gegevens and dating&hellip, The entire epsiode is now available for streaming and download. Click here to listen.

Amy&rsquo,s op-ed te Time Tijdschrift

The &ldquo,terror of choice&rdquo, theory posits that surrounded by too many options, wij become paralyzed, dazed, and incapable to make a decision. Some of us start to think that wij have infinite opportunities and become lured by the uitzicht of fatter, better deals. Others just want out, so they&rsquo,re willing to lodge for someone who seems good enough at that uur ter time&hellip,

Gegevens translated into three languages!

Gegevens is now being translated into three languages! Coming soon to Taiwan, Korea and Brazil! Look for it on bookshelves ter Chinese, Korean and Portuguese ter a few months!

Gegevens About Gegevens

Wij&rsquo,ve bot collecting and analyzing gegevens about Gegevens, A Love Story&rsquo,s readers, reviewers and buyers. For example, how many of Gegevens&rsquo,s readers also belong to AARP? What are the two most common words used to describe Amy&rsquo,s story?

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