Dr Phil: How To Spot An Internet Romance Scam – Online Dating Warning

Dr Phil: Internet Romance Scam Artists

Dr Phil talked with Dawn, who may have bot the victim of an online dating scam, and hier family, who is worried that she has bot taken te by a con artist. What do people need to observe for with Internet romance scams?

Dr Phil: Turkish Prison Dating Scam

Dr Phil producers were on palm when Dawn attempted to call David, who wasgoed allegedly te a Turkish prison, where he had attempted to commit suicide after cocaine wasgoed planted ter his luggage at the airport. That is already a remarkable story.

“Usually it’ll stadionring twice and then go to busy, and then I have to call him back again,” Dawn explained. She said she sometimes calls him dozens of times every day because she loves hearing his voice.

Dr Phil: Drug Running Dating Scams

Dr Phil talked with a woman who fell victim to an Internet romance scam about the online dating warning signs to see out for that can be crimson flags.

The next day, Dawn attempted again to call David. This is very sad to witness. She did ultimately get ter touch with someone who claimed to be a Turkish inspector detaining hier online beau, David.

Back on the set, Dr Phil attempted to maintain an impartial tone, despite his clear skepticism. Dawn attempted to rationalize which law enforcement officers might be answering his phone and why. She is not entirely certain whether he is running drugs.

Dr Phil: Catfish Internet Scams

Gail, Dawn’s sister, chimed te to point out that when Dawn got a phone call from a doctor claiming that he could not be released from the hospital unless Dawn paid his bill. They have this lady hosed, and it’s gross. This is exactly why I am afraid to see that MTV demonstrate, Catfish.

Dawn and Gail sparred about the soap opera timeline ter which David’s every day seems to be embroiled. Daughter Heather said merienda she learned hier mother wasgoed providing money to David, she attempted to intervene but wasgoed rebuffed.

Dr Phil: Online Dating Scams For Money

Dawn’s employer actually laid hier off when she discovered what Dawn wasgoed doing with hier money. The day before the demonstrate taping, David’s lawyer sent him paperwork to transfer $Four.Five million into hier account, which is another scam tactic.

She admitted that the money has not come through. Gail had questions about his financial dealings, and it did seem like David had an excuse for everything. Dr Phil and the family all agree that the picture Dawn has is very likely not David.

Dr Phil: How To Spot Internet Romance Scams

Here are some crimson flags to observe for if you think you are te an online dating scam.

  • Professionals working overseas
  • Building a relationship with the victim
  • Quick or unexpected declarations of love
  • Creating stories to elicit money
  • Bad grammar and spelling
  • Reliance on instant messaging
  • Plagiarized poetry or love letters
  • Few concrete details about life or work
  • Fake photos
  • Rente te webcam talks
  • Ask for emergency funds to be wired
  • Ask for money to visit you
  • Ask victim to treat banking te the US
  • Ask for passwords and private information
  • Pretend to be online dating victims
  • Pretend to be law enforcement personnel

Te Dawn’s case, all but two of thesis elements were pleased. Dr Phil explained that scammers ter Nigeria and other countries work to scam and exploit dozens of victims at the same time.

Dr Phil: Internet Predators

Dawn said that she understands this is very likely a scam, but she said she does not want to get hier heart cracked and is afraid to learn the efectivo truth. What does Dr Phil have up his sleeve to help Dawn get an response?

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