How to Write an Unstoppable Senior Dating Profile

If you are at the beginning of your senior dating journey, you most likely have several questions. How can I write a fine profile? Where are all the good studs my age? Am I ready to overeenkomst with the emotions that will inevitably come spil I get back into the dating spel?

I’d like to tackle the very first of thesis questions – how to write an amazing senior dating profile that get’s you the attention that you deserve.

It’s Time to Demystify Senior Dating

One of my individual missions is to woo women my age that they do not need to be invisible. Gone are the days when “aging gracefully” wasgoed the only adequate option for people our age. Kind boomers today are redefining life after 60 and setting an example for future generations. Wij are pursuing our passions, exploring the world and looking for fresh relationships of all kinds.

Since many women ter the community are looking for a romantic relationship, I determined to write a series of senior dating tips, based on my conversations with our members. This very first article will voorkant the very first thing that most people see when they find you on any relationship-focused webstek – your profile.

Know What Zuigeling of Person You’re Looking for

Before you even begin writing your dating profile, it makes sense to know what you are looking for. This could be spil elementary spil writing down a list of the characteristics that you are looking for ter a playmate. Or, you could even come up with a name for your mystery man or woman and keep them te your mind when you write your profile.

During this phase, it’s also significant to give your expectations a reality check. Many of our dating preferences are formed ter our 20s and 30s and, spil a result, wij may still think that wij need to find someone physically stunning or wealthy to be blessed. The truth is that senior dating requires compromise te both directions.

Few dudes are going to look like Georgy Clooney and few women are going to look like Jane Seymour. So, attempt to concentrate on characteristics that truly make a difference – like personality, character, values, and passions.

Merienda you have a good picture te your mind of the zuigeling of person that you are looking for, get ready to tell your story.

Become a Better Story Teller

The best way to write a dating profile that nobody pays attention to is to list what you like to do, or, even worse, what you are NOT looking for ter a fucking partner. The best dating profiles tell a story. They paint a picture of a unique person, with passions, practice and an abundant personality.

Attempt to write your profile spil if you were talking to a friend. Don’t list what you like to do. Tell stories about the places that you have bot and what they instructed you.

Get excited about your passions and don’t be afraid to stand out. After 60 years on this planet, you can do better than “I like walks on the beach.”

Be Proud of Who You Are

One of the thickest mistakes that people make when they begin dating after 60 is lounging about their age or using a misleading picture. Don’t fall into this trapje. Hiding who you are hurts you te two significant ways. Very first, your playmate is going to meet you eventually. When they do, they will instantly compare you to your junior doppelganger. Worse, they will know that you were dishonest, ruining any chance for a good commence to your relationship.

The 2nd, and perhaps more significant, reason that lounging hurts your chances is that it prevents you from being proud of who you are. If your fucking partner wants a junior man or woman, and they think that they can find them, no problem! There are slew of sites for them. But, if they are looking for someone with life practice, passion, honesty and wisdom, they need look no further than you.

Engage the Reader with Questions and Mental Pictures

Having written hundreds of articles overheen the last few years, I can tell you that people get bored lightly. Writing a dating profile is no different than writing a poem, an article or a book – you need to catch the reader’s attention and keep it.

Spil you are writing your dating profile, use questions and mental pictures to keep your reader engaged. Tell stories that hint at mysterious possibilities. Ask questions that your ideal man or woman would find fascinating. Speaking of fascinating, if you indeed want to learn how to capture someone’s attention, te person or te print, check out Sally Hogshead’s excellent book, Fascinate.

Talk About Your Passions, Not Your Hobbies

Another comment mistake that people make when writing their dating profile is to list the activities that they love without providing any setting. Instead of telling that you like hiking, talk about the time that you climbed Machu Picchu and camped under the starlets.

Some people are afraid to be too bold te their dating profiles. They think that they will turn people away if they don’t overeenstemmend to what is “normal.” Nothing could be further from the truth! Talk about the practices that have made your life unique. Be genuine and embrace what makes you a little quirky or different. You may not appeal to everyone, but, you don’t need to. You just need to appeal to someone special, like you.

Don’t Use Cliches

Is there anyone out there who still says that they like “reading books” and “watching movies?” You’d be astonished! Merienda you have finished a very first draft of your profile, edit it for wishy-washy language and cliches.

When you find yourself talking te generalities, look for a specific example, or, even better, a story.

Finding one or more cliches ter your dating profile is a sure sign that you need to loosen and open up about yourself.

Have a Friend Help You Out

Writing about yourself is hard. Are you being too discreet? Or, are you bragging too much? Are you getting to the heart of who you are? Or, are you telling what you think other people want to hear? This is where a good friend is invaluable.

Ask one or more friends what they appreciate most about you. Get a friend of the opposite hookup to read your profile and give you an fair opinion.

You may find out that the things that others find most fascinating about you are things that you never even considered.

If you have bot out of the dating spel for a while, putting yourself out there is a big step. The good news is that there are slew of instruments to make this process effortless and joy. All you need to do is take the very first step.

Do you agree or disagree with the tips ter this article for writing an effective senior dating profile? Why or why not? What other advice would you give to a friend who is thinking about senior dating? Please join the discussion.


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