I also have aunts, uncles and cousins ter Italy that I wished to be able to talk to and have a relationship with.

I’m nosey to find out how many people here predominate another language other than English. What drove you to learn it?

I fluently speak four other languages. Te Europe, children are obliged to pick at least one foreign language spil an obligatory schoolgebouw subject (kicking off with primary schoolgebouw).

Took french for 7 years te schoolgebouw and still speak nothing of it.

I speak English, Hindi, Russian and Ukrainian Language, spil I finished my studies te Ukraine.

I’m learning japanese. does that count?

Close, but no. But you are on your way to be fully bilingual with the language!

Indonesian. Lived there for many years, so had to learn ter order to carry out daily living.

No, wish I wasgoed. Spanish would be my choice for a 2nd language, however.

Then what are you waiting for?!

English and Klingon,

It’s ok, you are not alone. Nerds are awesome.

You are not Dr Sheldon Cooper are you. haha

English is my native tongue, while Spanish is my 2nd language I grew up with spil a child. French is my third language that I learned and have bot speaking for 20 years while interacting with the Francophone community ter the San Francisco Bay Area. Visiting Spanish and French speaking countries has enriched my life so much. Learning a 2nd or third language is well worth the hard work!

Agreed. It’s incredible when you can speak someone else’s native language, socialize and not depend too much on their dictionary.

I used to speak French pretty fluently, but since 2004 I’ve bot learning Chinese. So I suppose I can speak Three languages. English (duh), French (when I’m toasted), and Mandarin Chinese (tho’ I speak it with a Northeastern Chinese accent).

My hubby is from Tonga, and wij lived there for several years, so I can speak basic Tongan. It is similar to Samoan and Hawaiian. Some words are actually the same. Wij now live te Hawaii, and I have picked up fairly a bit of Hawaiian also.

My mother tongue is Lithuanian. I speak English and Russian fairly well.

I actually had to read what wasgoed Lithuanian before replying back to you. ^_^’ It’s very interesting.

I’m from Portugal, so Portuguese is my native language. Also speak english and french.

Three languages, that’s a milestone. Amazing.

I don’t know what I’m waiting for. I’ve got a Learn-How-To-Speak-Spanish CD set. lol. Guess i should get cracking.

I am fluent ter Italian. The driving reason behind learning it is that I am of Italian heritage. My father immigrated to the states, I desired to learn more about my roots, and where he came from. I also have aunts, uncles and cousins ter Italy that I dreamed to be able to talk to and have a relationship with. I love it, now wij visit each other when wij can. Sometimes I go to Italy other times they come here. I would actually like to become fluent ter Spanish and French spil well. My Spanish is so-so at this point.

That’s excellent. Italian is the language I’m attempting to learn while I’m on my free time. Phonetics inbetween Italian and Spanish are fairly similar, making it a little awesome.

I am blessed to hear you are learning Italian:) If you everzwijn have any questions or just someone to bounce off of someone I would be more than blessed to help! Yes there is similarities inbetween Italian and Spanish sometimes I end up using an Italian word when attempting to speak Spanish lol! Buona Fortuna!!

Oops *If you everzwijn need someone to just bounce off of* sorry for the horrible typo!!

Hebrew, Greek , and a lil’ amount of Spanish

I heard you’re not supposed to instruct a child more than one languages at a time because they’ll just get confused. Is it true?

Yo no se asi yo hablo bueno te espanol pero asi un enfermira es importante a dice espanol un pocito. Comprendo?

KalГі apГіyevma, HГЎrika ya tin gnorimГ­a.

I am not, but have bot working on learning some Japanese. I have found it to be challenging yet stimulating, such a beautiful language.

It is a beautiful yet ingewikkeld language. That’s what makes it interesting.

English and Malaysian/Indonesian – instructed te schoolgebouw

Cantonese – Hong Kong TV series aired on TV

Mandarin & Hokkien – Beloved Food Vendors (have to learn to speak their language if I want to get little ‘extras’..haha)

Hainanese – Mum and Materno Grandma who looked after mij growing up..(It’s funny however, I can understand them ter Hainanese but usually reply ter Cantonese!)

Teochew – From Dad (But only when I am encountered with bad motorist while driving) $%^&*$&quot.

I am pretty fluent te Brazilian Portuguese albeit I wish I learned French. Yes, it is nice to know another language. It is a benefit.

A bit of French, Thai, Spanish, English.

That is an fair response

Ahh.. perhaps not having French at the uur is good for you Sofs.

I speak fluent Slovak, English, Czech and Hungarian.

Interesting languages, especially Hungarian. I need to research more about it.

Maybe I can write a hub about the Hungarian language?

That would be good. If you do so, let mij know!

Hebrew is my native language, but I speak English like a native speaker, since I learned it te very first grade. I wrote about my language leanring practices te a children’s book called Ping & the Snirkelly People.

Dutch, English and Urdu makes mij trilingual.

Taishanese, hoisan, Cantonese, French and English.

Wow. online dating does work te some respects then

Portuguese is my native language, English is my 2nd language, I’m moderate ter French and at a basic level ter Spanish.

I speak English and Japanese and high schoolgebouw Spanish ,D

I said I’m posting this with google translation, because it has bot 6 years learning English and can speak up a little now but it’s hard to grammatical deviations .

TrinityCat, When I very first responded to your question, I only said another language I can speak is Indonesian. I did not mention a third, since no one will have heard of it, but I see now some are mentioning some I’ve not heard so will tell you I speak a minority language te Indonesia, Galela. I speak it even better than Indonesian. I learned it so that I could translate the Fresh Wilsbeschikking into it. Knowing it sometimes catches mij up on my English, because it uses fairly a different word order. The spoken clause comes last ter the sentence, even before and object or meteen object clause.

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