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I am a corriente Indian man, I am single and dreamed to attempt a dating webpagina te India..

I came across mingle2.

The registration process is free and very effortless unlike other dating sites where you have to pay membership.

I came across profiles who were sharing their numbers for paid hookup talking and movie talking.

Well I am a healthy single fellow with my own needs so determined to attempt them out.

Every such profile I would talk to would ask mij to very first Paytm amounts of Rs 300/500/1000 very first before even confirming themselves on the phone or movie..

I said fine maybe they want to be secure so I Paytm ed the amount and sent them the screenshot.

After that the profile would send mij some nudes instead of the hook-up talk and request for more I would get tempted and again Paytm and after receiving the payment the profile user would zekering sending messages..

Then I came across one more who wasgoed suggesting hook-up talk for 500 and movie talk for 1000, I had to very first Paytm Rs 500 like before to which he/she collective some cut 45-54 sec movies of a chick bathing.

I got truly tempted

Then the profile asked mij whether I desired a live demonstrate for RS 1000 more

The amount wasgoed too much for mij and I asked him/hier to lessen it.

The profile agreed with Rs 500, after Paytm ing the amount I asked to begin the voorstelling

The profile said that I had to pay Rs 500 more ( spil she wasgoed doing a live display ) otherwise it would leave the talk, I thought fine I may just spil well get a very first time practice and paid.

After receiving the confirmation the profile blocked my number on WhatsApp..

Frustrated I determined to attempt the others and the others too were like this, none talent an audio and movie confirmation and after Paytm ing they would share some random pictures of a nude female which could have bot taken by an guiltless third party..

I think it’s a indeed big scam happening inwards Mingle2

I personally lost atleast Rs 2000 te total but I don’t want others to fall ter the trapje..

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