Practical Relationship Advice for Professional Women #Trio Online Dating Tips by Annie Easter

I have always dreamed to write but didn’t know what to write. I can now write articles about what I like and I love it.

Do you need some online dating tips, if so, then you need to read Annie Easter’s 20-page book Practical Relationship Advice for Professional Women #Trio Online Dating Tips? This is hier third book ter a seven-part series. This book wasgoed published on October 24, , and sold by Amazon Digital Services, LLC.

Annie Easter is a married mother of two. She is a doctor and is a relationship guru who also does one-on-one consultants.

When reading the Table of Contents, you will notice that it is organized ter its plainness. The reader will know what she is going to be reading this book. This book contains information on the following:

– It’s All te the Name

– The Figure of your Online Profile

– Never Married, Separated, Divorced or Widowed

– What’s Age Got to do with it?

– Online Dating Horror Stories

I like that the chapters are organized ter an effortless way of understanding what the author is attempting to say. Ter each chapter, there are headings and under the heading are tips that wij can use while attempting to do online dating. Thesis tips are excellent advice. Ter the very first chapter, Annie gives us the do’s and don’t’s of picking out an online name. Do’s would be to personalize it, share your fattest passion, describe your personality and make yourself physically appealing whereas the don’ts are don’t be generic, don’t use your utter and last name, don’t be too provocative and don’t brag.

When you are dating online, your name is your very first impression besides your picture.

Another example of advice ter this book is on displaying photos:

– waterput up several pictures

– include high-quality shots

– make them current

– include a good headshot

– include a total figure slok

– do not include photos of other people

There are other pearls of wisdom te this book that the reader will have to read.

I would recommend this to women who are looking to attempt online dating or even those who are already doing it. Thesis tips ter this book are good advice especially since the author found hier hubby by doing this. When dating online, getting advice is essential since nowadays you have to be careful. The advice te this book is good and practical.

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