Process of Elimination: Who Is Caylee Anthony – s Father

Who is Caylee Anthony’s Father?

Who is Caylee Anthony’s father? The world may never know.

However, the FBI’s report on DNA testing concludes that Lee Anthony is not the father of Caylee Anthony.

Ter addition to Lee Anthony,В Jesse Grund, Casey Anthony’s ex-fiance, has also provided DNA evidence to prove he is not Caylee Anthony’s father.

Well, that knocks two dudes off the ‘list’ of paternal possibilities, but it emerges this list is long and shrouded by mystery. A better question to ask is: Who wasgoed Casey Anthony sleeping with ter late October and/or early November of 2004?

Flashback to 2004 – 2005

Casey Anthony wasgoed te grade 12, hier senior year of Colonial High Schoolgebouw. Did she have a bf? If so, who?

Recall, she did not begin dating Jesse Grund until January, 2005 and DNA testing has concluded he is not the father of Caylee Anthony.

Who wasgoed she with before she met Jesse Grund?

Caylee Anthony wasgoed born on August 9, 2005. Jesse Grund treated hier like a daughter. Te fact, he wasgoed heartbroken when he found out that he wasgoed not Caylee Anthony’s father.

Nevertheless, that did not prevent him from treating Caylee spil if she were his own child. Jesse Grund and Casey Anthony’s relationship dissolved after CaseyВ accused Jesse of loving Caylee more than hier.

It emerges this is the very first time that Casey Anthony’s jealousy reared its ugly head.


Casey Anthony’s life is packed with overlapping relationships.

For example, Jesse Grund wasgoed introduced to Anthony Lazzarro, Casey Anthony’s last bf before hier incarceration.

Jesse Grund also knows Ricardo Morales, another schrijven love rente of Casey Anthony. Ricardo Morales wasgoed introduced to Anthony Lazzarro.

Ter addition, Jesse Grund, who is a former Orange County deputy, introduced Casey Anthony to former Deputy Anthony Rusciano, a man she had a schrijven affair with.


Casey Anthony created hier own circle of drains.

I call them drains because someone has to know who the father of Caylee Anthony is.

Of course, even if the paternity of Caylee Anthony is exposed – this information will not bring the child back.

However, it will rule out speculation and possibly prevent an virginal man from having his face and name plastered te tabloids with the words ‘Caylee Anthony’s Daddy?’ scrawled across the pagina.

Take a look around, do you think any of thesis boys have benefited from knowing Casey Anthony? No way! Their names will always be associated with the ‘totdat mom.’

Casey Anthony has no past – hier past is hier present.

She’s made milks out of all thesis guys and they all know it because they all know each other.

So who is the anonymous figure ter this circle?

It’s time to liquidate the mask – who is Caylee Anthony’s father?


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caylee looks just like lee anthony..hmm..

I am the father.. maybe

6 years ago from N. California

I’m late with my comments and I’m NOT believing what I’m reading. Both masculine Anthony’s have bot proved of N O T not being the father of Caylee.

What difference does it make? Caylee is gone. Of paternal grandparents knew, they’ve had the chance to &quot,man up&quot. It’s time to &quot,let go of the father&quot, it ain’t gonna be discovered. If it IS discovered, who’s to say the public will be informed.

I’m ready to get overheen this insane &quot,egg donor&quot, and plead to Maker she

DOES NOT have another child. Everzwijn.

She will get hier karma now that she is back I’n Orlando.

I have thought from Day Two of hearing about this case,that George Anthony wasgoed the father.I looked at many pics of George & Caylee & she bore an eerie resemblance to him.Then lo & behold there is a eis of sexual manhandle.Let’s not leave behind that Lee Anthony wasgoed tested for paternity,but not George (Mackenzie Phillips anyone-she wasgoed a victim of manhandle by hier father & wasgoed having hook-up with him until she wasgoed 26/27).Why is it so hard to believe that hier father molested hier & she got prego by him.It does toebijten.I am a victim of sexual manhandle & this all makes sense.Hier mom,a nurse kept the pregnancy hidden for 7 months. odd.Then the fight that Casey had with hier parents wasgoed the day before Father’s day.No one made a connection?There wasgoed also a postbode by Casey on hier Myspace pagina,while hier daughter wasgoed missing along the lines &quot,What is lightly given,can be lightly taken away.&quot,I believe she wasgoed talking about hier getting prego by hier Dad (lightly given),and she possibly killed hier daughter (lightly taken away) because she wasgoed so mad at hier Dad for manhandling hier & hier Mom for turning the other way,attempting to control hier & take hier daughter away.I believe if the FBI had conducted a paternity test on George Anthony they would have a lotsbestemming more questions spil to why Casey did what she did.Call mij crazy,but I’ve had this nagging feeling about this since Day Two when the story very first broke,way before Casey Anthony & hier defense used it spil part of their defense.May Caylee surplus ter peace.

I wish that the kid wasgoed still alive 🙁

This is so mystical. Casey has had mental issues from way back spil evidenced by hier overachievement attempts and spotlighting all the attention to herself, ie doing back shifts down the schoolgebouw hallway, This is a youthful woman who is attempting to say something with hier deeds she can’t say with words. Look at mij!! Pay attention to mij. This is typical of an manhandled person. I’ve come from the same past manhandle, but toevluchthaven’t killed anyone. Albeit wij vereiste recall she’s harmless til proven guilty. Maybe she did kill Caylee bec she wasgoed getting more attn. Ter casey’s mind, she wasgoed justified bec Caylee wasgoed stealing the affection/attention from someone Casey wished all to herself. Do you think she killed hier dghtr. to keep hier

I don’t think Cindy and George have desired to testify spil much spil they have bot called upon to. From what I have seen this trial has bot hell for them. And to walk te the very first day to hear that the defense is claiming that Caylee drowned ter the pool and that George helped get rid of the figure wasgoed just more devastating news to overeenkomst with. I don’t think George wasgoed able to treat anymore of the media madness on top of the loss of his granddaughter and the realization that his own daughter had done this. That’s why he considered suicide. I spotted a picture of Cindy and George ter court from I believe Thursday or Friday and they were smiling and it wasgoed such a good picture of them. When I see either of them on the stand fighting through all of this, all I can think about it my parents and I wonder how anyone could waterput their parents through such hell. I do agree that the verdadero victim here is/wasgoed Caylee, but because of what happened to hier Cindy and George became victims spil well. My heart goes out to them.

I would like to know who the father is and what about the paternal grandparents? Why toevluchthaven’t they come forward. Casey recently wasgoed seen on TV te a jailhouse vraaggesprek telling that she hadn’t seen Caylee’s paternal grandparents ter about Ten years. Well, if Caylee’s father’s parents know he dated Casey and that, ter fact, he is now deceased, couldn’t they waterput Two and Two together te the past Trio years and figure out they are the grandparents of the now deceased Caylee Anthony? Why wasgoed no father listed on the birth certificate? Where is the document that Caylee’s father supposedly signed foregoing his parental rights? Perhaps this poor deceased child has a entire other family that may be greiving hier loss?? I can’t believe no one ter the father’s family has come forward. It does lead some credence to the theory that perhaps George is the father. Wasgoed he everzwijn ruled out? Why not? The entire family has a lotsbestemming of secrets! Nothing would verrassing mij about any of them. Why is Cindy standing by George after he abjected hier by having an very public affair with a junior woman? Do they believe by sticking together they have a better chance of not being implicated somehow? Why is Cindy permitted to overheen testify?? I think she is playing to the jury for sympathy and it’s working. George is very smarmy and I think he has a loterijlot of secrets? Why did he attempt to commit suicide? Wasgoed it guilt overheen his involvement with the murder, his manhandle of Casey, what. I don’t think wij will Everzwijn know the truth about what happened to that poor beautiful kindje! I do believe the prosecutor will not be able to listig Casey to the murder. Is she a pathological enlazar, yes. Wasgoed she possibly neglectful, maybe, but everyone testified she wasgoed a good mother. Whatever happened to poor Caylee, wij all need to recall SHE is the victim, not George, not Cindy, not Casey. Nothing will bring hier back, not putting Casey to death. I think if the jury does what they are instructed to do, take the emotion out of everything, just go after the evidence, then I don’t believe she will be convicted.

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