Surviving the Dating World spil a Christian If you’re a Christian ter the dating world, you know how difficult it is.

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My family and I have a miniature schnauzer named Diego (pagina mascot). His beloved thing to do during the day is go after the zon around. It’s his mission te life. I wasgoed working from huis one day and observed him stir from the middle of the couch to the arm of the couch and ultimately down on the floor spil he inched closer and closer to the window. Eventually it wasgoed time for him to switch sides of the house spil the zon began to display up at the opposite window. He knew where the zon wasgoed going and he just followed it around. I think that’s a fine picture of what the Christian life should be. When Jesus called His disciples, he said “Follow mij.” That invitation is ours spil well. So the question is, where is Jesus heading and are wij tagging along?

Mike Shoemake is a former idolize leader and youth minister who grew up spil the son of an Army chaplain. He lives ter Alpharetta, GA with his wifey and son.

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Watching Heer’s Vormgeving: The Human Assets

There are vormgeving principles that are clearly seen te the internal workings of the human bod. Ter fact, they are not just present ter a scattered way. They are consistently present across. I myself am actually a designer, and I believe that the examples of thesis principles are so effortless to see that.

Despairingly Seeking Kind: Believing ter an Invisible Hope

What are infertility and recurrent pregnancy loss? How do they affect couples who are dealing with them? This story provides a peek into thesis painful situations for couples who simply want to bring huis a zuigeling of their own.

Online Dating: Avoiding Witches and Flying Monkeys

While online dating makes some things simpler, dating is never effortless. What are the pitfalls of online dating, and how can wij avoid them?

Are You Smarter Than a Pharisee?

The Pharisees were essentially the bad guys of the Fresh Wilsbeschikking. They were permanently at odds with Jesus, attempting to trick him, embarrass him, discredit him. Ultimately they failed the Aker whom they claimed to serve. What can wij learn from their example?

Romance for the Clueless Hubby Part III – Rubber, Meet Road

I spent years of marriage feeling clueless about romance. But then I found some resources that switched all that. This, gentlemen, is where the rubber meets the road.

Romance for the Clueless Spouse Part II – Tilling the Soil

Fellows, wij despairingly need to add contraptions to our romantic toolbox. But very first, wij need to begin thinking of romantic gestures spil if they’re seeds that you want to plant. Good luck getting anything to grow if the soil you’re working with is bad. And yes, your wifey is the soil.

Poem: My Life spil a Gimp

Are you a marionette? Maybe you are and you don’t know it yet. For all of us, this is a question worth answering. If it turns out that the reaction is yes, where do you go from here? How do you react?

Romance for the Clueless Spouse Part I – Getting Commenced

Isn’t it true that guys romance the heck out of the women they date and then go into a coma after the vows are spoken? It’s also true that married women despairingly want to be pursued by their dudes. Can boys actually make women feel fully, deeply loved?

Poem: My Opposite

Who is Godheid to mij? Who am I te relationship to Maker? This poem seeks to waterput thesis things ter perspective.

Is Hell Efectivo According to the Bible?

Have you everzwijn wondered why some Christians seem so desperate to bring people overheen to their side of the fence? &ldquo,Why can&rsquo,t thesis Christians just leave mij alone?&rdquo, The reaction is unsettling.

Poem: Freedom to Soar

This poem is about a bird who fights with doubt. Do I dare to attempt to leave the nest? Will my wings carry mij? Can I truly trust the wind?

How to Be Saved According to the Bible

How to receive Biblical salvation can be a tricky subject, especially since every Christian denomination seems to have a different take on how this works. Ter this hub, wij examine the relevent passages of scripture to attempt to build up a better understanding of what the Bible actually has to say on the.

Christianity From 30,000 Feet

Many of us fight with understanding the Bible from a big picture perspective. Every Sunday, many of us go huis from church with yet another puny chunk to the puzzle but still no vivo idea of how all of the chunks gezond together. This hub attempts to take a step back and talk through the Bible from.

Apostle Paul Attacked Part II – Defending Paul’s Character

Ter part 1, wij looked at Paul’s apostleship. Te part Two, wij will examine the claims by some that Paul is a enrollar and a deceiver of those who go after him. Did Paul lie to King Agrippa about his Damascus practice? If so, what does that mean for Christianity and for the millions who accept his.

Brief Story: The Gardener

It seems like some people expect those they’re ter a dating relationship with to walk on water while others are blessed that you have two gams and walk upright. What would a balanced treatment look like?

Poem: Abandoned

This poem is for anyone who has felt abandoned and alone. Did someone walk out on you? Have you felt lost te the darkness? I have spil well.

Apostle Paul Attacked Part I – Wasgoed He a True Apostle?

There are those who go after Christ and yet truly believe that Paul is a false teacher and not truly an apostle of Jesus at all. Is there evidence to support such a keuze?

Surviving the Dating World spil a Christian

If you’re a Christian te the dating world, you know how difficult it is. It’s effortless to feel like you have to lower your standards or sacrifice your integrity te order to get any traction. But patience is your friend.

Words for the Argumentative Christian

How should wij spil Christians treat those around us who disagree with us? What the Bible has to say isn’t necessarily untuitive. Ter fact, you’ll find that you can be exactly right and exactly wrong at exactly the same time.

Is Jesus Who He Claims to Be?

It’s effortless to think of Christianity spil a deep, dark crevice that requires you to hop te without being able to see the bottom. But, there is te fact evidence to support the Christian faith if wij are willing to look at it with open eyes.

How should the Christian church react to homosexuality?

How is the Christian church supposed to react to homosexuality from a Biblical perspective? Where is Maker leading us spil wij overeenkomst both intellectually and socially with this kwestie?

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