There are only three things women need ter life: food, water and compliments Making a dinner reservation is easy—anyone can do it.

Want to impress a dame? Why not take a less conventional route and waterput a switch roles spin to the expression, “The way to the man’s heart is through the belly.” Yes, wij’re talking studs cooking to impress chicks, for a switch. Do women find studs who can cook sexy? Do fellows who can whip out a dish or two have an edge overheen his “cook clueless” counterparts? Culinary seductions—can you wield that one ter the kitchen? I did some online research and the terrific reaction is YES. Here are some actual answers I found on

The question posted is: “Do chicks find guys who cook more attractive than guys who don’t.”

All women love to get some pampering, even te the kitchen

Nothing brings people together like a good huis cooked meal!

I find a man who cannot and won’t even attempt to cook unattractive—I don’t want to be the fellow’s mother

It has bot my practice with every single dame I’ve dated since I wasgoed 24(and learned a few things about cooking) that they have found it very awesome/sexy/hot that I know what I’m doing ter the kitchen

That said, are there tangible reasons why damsels like fellows who can cook?

There are only three things women need ter life: food, water and compliments

Making a dinner reservation is easy—anyone can do it. But cooking—it’s different. Cooking takes time, effort and programma. Making that special effort tells hier she’s special and cared for. What better way to convey that? You score and if your cooking is delicious, you win even more points. Serve up some water and vleierij while you’re at it, and you would have provided all three things women need, according to Chris Rock. Score!

Two’s a company

Wij should look for someone to eat and drink with before looking for something to eat and drink.

For some strange reason, food tastes much better when there’s company. If you’re a social hermit, I won’t argue but food has traditionally bot an interactive activity. Cooking and then dining with someone you care about can be totally satisfying. What’s more?–the good food and company make for some good bonding time.

Sharing food with another human being is an intimate act that should not be indulged ter lightly

Talking of bonding time, cooking for your date also provides time for you to get to know your date. Te inbetween chopping, grilling or waiting for the casserole to cook, both of you can unwind overheen a glass of wine and talk. . a good way of knowing the other person up vooraanzicht and individual. And if she likes to cook too, this cooking thing can be a snaak escapade and you could be cooking up some chemistry spil well.

Napolean’s Dating Advice

  • You’ve Abilities

Chicks only want bf’s who have superb abilities

So those words were uttered by Napoleon Dynamite, the main character ter a low-key production that became an instant succesnummer ter 2004. Ter the toneel, two schoolgebouw nerds were discussing their dating chances and Napoleon made that observation. Ok, that wasgoed a nerd talking. But that advice may have grounds for serious consideration—girls like guys with capabilities, cooking abilities included. Ter genérico, abilities and passion (for something you love doing) are attractive qualities, so why not flaunt your cooking abilities.

Of course, not everybody feels the same way. There are guys who absolutely hate to cook or chicks who didn’t care if their date/spouse can cook but if you’re a man who loves to cook, it’s a very plausible way for you to impress your date. You don’t have to be Jamie Oliver—he used to cook to impress his friends (no doubt some of them are damsels) or Emeril who can kick knotches up any dish. You just have to love cooking and be able to go after some basic cooking instructions (who can’t?).

If you’re already a cook, good for you—you already have one advantage. If not, why not learn some cooking abilities to impress your date? Valentine’s Day, Bday treat, special holidays or occasions–let cooking be an expression of your love. Te the long run, cooking is a skill that will serve you well—you need to eat and eating home-cooked food is one way to live fabulously, whenever you manage to impress your date or not.

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