7 Million Mortages still te danger of foreclosure

Just spotted this on morning news. If this is true than wij have seen nothing yet.

There’s certainly the potential for things to get a loterijlot worse before they get better. I like to be optimistic tho’, and think that inbetween homeowners being a bit more responsible and banks being a bit more helpful, maybe wij can get through all this without any one else losing their homes.

Nice ide but banks will never be a bit more helpful ,

That is horrible! That is to many far to many

You know, a foreclosure is not the end of the world. It’s definately a setback but sometimes wij need setbacks to waterput us back on the right path.

Unluckily, the banks while having “every opportunity” also now have every advantage. The “Foreclosures” and bad lending policies that the banks were coerced into by the Government (via The Community Reinvestment Act) are overheen and the Taxpayer paid the bill.

What wealth is being redistibuted if the homeowner had a mortgage? Having a mortgage just gives you the illusion that you are a &quot,property possessor.&quot, The handelsbank that gives you the mortgage possesses your property and always will.

Who did they sell this &quot,equity&quot, to?

I see where you are going and I don’t mean to trivialize it but you and I both can invest te the very same private equity firms that are purchasing that equity.

Indeed? You think any bod lost any money when Bear Sterns went belly up or when Citibank tanked or GM went under?

Like Pam said, it’s a shell spel and you take chances when you make investments. You have said you sit on a 6 figure income, do you not make investments? I do and I still invest ter actual estate, only now I get if for pennies on the dollar. I also invest te some equity funds which do existente well considering the economy. I’m no pro but you might want to check out DSPBR Top 100 Eqt Reg-G and DSPBR Equity-G the terugwedstrijd on thesis funds far exceed the risk.

It is a shell spel and a loterijlot of people got burned this time. I make more money trading currency than I could ter an investment fund like that one. Waiting on the dollar to get a tad stronger (Euro weaker). Should toebijten when the truth about European investment te Dubai comes about.

Agreed I toevluchthaven’t a clue on where to start with forex so I invest ter what I know, funds and RE. I attempted the practice forex schemes but still I have no confidence to use auténtico money. Maybe soon!

Avoid forex brokers and leverage of any kleintje un,less you are a risk taker – which it sounds spil however you are not.

There is no illusion ter the amount of principle that has bot paid by a borrower to the lender or the equity that will be lost. Think about it. Simplistically, lets say a huis is worth 100K the “homeowner” has paid 45K ter principle so far. The huis goes into foreclosure lets say because of unemployment. The bankgebouw then sells that huis for a diminished rate of say 80K. Not counting rente income or foreclosure costs, how much money did the canap pocket?

+ $45,000.00 Principle Paid (equity)

– $55,000.00 Remaining Cómputo

+ $80,000.00 Brief Sale price

+ $25,000.00 Canap Profit

You see you are confusing equity share with ownership. When you have a mortgage and and fail on your obligations you forfeit your equity. And ter your numbers did you account for the 30% to 80% druppel ter the fresh market value of the huis?

Yesss. you said that well

You can get creative and find some one, an investor and sell your house to him and then buy it back from him through rent to own or something like that

You guys need to do a little huis work.

Our system of consumption based on a perpetual debt specimen (Fractional Reserve Banking – i.e. The Federal Reserve) is designed to shift assets from the working class to the Rich.

Wow. Amen, amen, and um, amen.

I thought the economy wasgoed attempting to improve but its like its reversing. They do have the first-time buyer stimulus, maybe that will help some.

The entire problem ter America isn’t going to get better, anytime soon, but will get better te about 3-5 years. Providing the Government and Treasury get back to some sort of rationalized monetary policy. Right now, the U.S. dollar(today is up) has bot badly hammered down.

Actually Cagsil, I think it’s the other way around, Government has business by the cut-offs. The best way to solve the problem is for government regulation to get out of the way. And leave behind legislation that will increase taxation, the main reason for all the cost (job) cutting and economic pull backs (investment).

My Indiana house is Eventually ter foreclosure, thank Aker, and I say thank Schepper, because ter the past three years its value has tanked by 80%–and that’s just what the canap will admit to. Te reality, it’s worth nothing, because it can’t be sold at any price. A few such homes are still selling at Sheriff’s sale, but the buyers just let them sit and rot, hoping the market will come back and they’ll make a few bucks, which it won’t, and they won’t.

Financial deregulation caused this bubble. It wasgoed created by people who don’t even fasten anything vivo to their trading practices. The houses almost don’t matter. It’s not about the houses, albeit the mortgage depressie is ruining cities, homes, and lives, it’s truly about the repeal of Glass-Steagall and a ton of other financial deregulation measures that took place ter the 80s and 90s and cleared the way for banks to make more money ter the stock market and ter weird, insane securities than by lending. That’s why they’re not lending now. Why should they? They can make so much more money on gambling. And if they fail, wij hop te and give them money.

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