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Our down-and-dirty reviews of the most famous dating sites.

I’ll admit it: I’ve attempted just about every dating webpagina out there. My philosophy is: the broader I personages my netwerk, the more likely I am to find that uncommon boy who’s just right for mij. I’m sure you can relate with the feeling that all the attractive and kleuter guys have gone into hiding. Globally, finding love is harsh, and NYC is an especially harsh place to find love ter, but there are ways to make it lighter.

People who meet on dating sites are quicker to tie the wrong than those who meet ter the actual world — dating for an media of just overheen Legal months before getting hitched, compared to 42 months for those who meet offline.

To all my single friends, I suggest this: Rather than spend another night talking to another balding banker, or worse, suffer through a finish dry spell, why not make dates come to you? No matter which side of the dating spectrum you’re on, there is undoubtedly an online dating service that’s right for you. Like shopping online, you can view pics, compare features, and order up studs who want to come to your neighborhood to buy you dinner. You gotta love technology!

Be skeptical when browsing potential love interests, 81% of people online lie about their height, weight or age on dating profiles. Women typically trim about 8 pounds from their weight, while guys typically add half an inch to their height.

Here’s our down-and-dirty (/attempted and tested) reviews of the most famous dating sites (and our pro tips at the end!):

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