Interests include biographies, sharing and listening, reading and writing, challenges that inflame the spark, theatre (including football), kunst and galleries, recipe books, travel magazines, novels and movies, children and the endeble – the least, the last and the lost inbetween us.

On this pagina you’ll find examples of fine online dating profiles to assist you ter creating an interesting, eye-catching and different dating profile.

It can sometimes be very difficult to wish up a superb profile that is witty, creative and “just right” for you. I went on a search for some of the better profiles out there and compiled my finds into a list for you.

Use this list of examples of good online dating profiles to assist you te creating an interesting, eye-catching and different dating profile.

Feel free to use it spil inspiration to create your own profile. Don’t directly copy it – you want to be innovador, not a copycat!

Use a superb list ter your profile to your advantage:

Look at the following examples of superb online dating profiles to see how effortless it is to stand out by adding humor, interesting descriptions and originality to your list:

Mildly slim, 52, self employed, love weekends away, messing about ter boats, good crimson wine, dinners te or out, socially presentable and looks that won’t scare your dog.

No rush, no criminal record, not desperate, house trained, can cook.

Looking for: Outgoing, possibly artistic, reasonably social, maybe a little crazy, into travel to trashy places, good crimson wine, a little huis entertainment with friends, weekends away.

I am a man who likes to smooch leisurely, forgive quickly, laugh lightly, love tenderly and embrace all that life has to suggest. I love the outdoors, nature, the sea and mountains. I have an inward peace and relish life.

Use humor and plainness to enhance a superb online dating profile:

Why should people get to know mij? Imagine the angst if you can’t response that!

Good thing the knives are all blunt.

Soooo, bullet points then:

– I’m quiebro slim (had to check that spelling, tho’)

– I like traveling

– I’m not stingy with time or emotions

– I can zekering at 7 points

Use poetic pictures to speak to and win a heart:

… rail on the clouds, pick the zon … bring it with you and dance barefoot te my heart.

Leave behind the past, lets live ter the now and desire about the future.

Work together, build together, love together, cook, travel, sob, laugh, dance, trust and believe … together.

Become one … together.

Use shock tactics and humor:

Good sex…Wild sex… bizarre sex…with mij you can get it all . And then … spil soon spil you are hooked… ter love… and your kidz got to love me… I RUN LIKE HELL !!

Hey… what’s your problem. At least I’m fair. )

If this is what you want…. pls P* off and go to the profiles that reads… “I’m fair, joy, and just need a good friend”

If you want to laugh… be respected…Enjoy good times…. travel a bit… and simply have a good friend…then voeling Mij !!

1. I’m not looking for hookup.

Two. I’m not here because I’m destitute.

Three. I’m not here because I’m desperate.

Four. I’m not here to find a wifey.

Five. I’m totally an independent, single father of Two chicks. They’ve got a mother … no need for another.

6. I don’t need you to help mij overeenkomst with my baggage, that I have done years ago…and my baggage will never become yours.

7.I don’t think I’m better than others … just different.

8.I worked hard for my money, I don’t need welfare cases … but if I love you … I will spoil u rotten.

9.Just because I’m 43.. don’t think I’m an “old man” ter my “midlife crisis” … I am a well groomed “sexy senior citizen.”

Ten. Just because I can’t spell … don’t think Im dumb.

11. If you are only Legitimate … don’t think I’m to old for you.. Ill vertoning you what auténtico zinnelijkheid … aa … love is. Hectare Hectare

12. Just because I choose Five* hotels … don’t think I can not camp te the pubic hair under the starlets.

13. Don’t think because Im wearing a pink T-shirt and pink undies … I’m gay .. I’m just convenient with myself beeing sensitive and I’m ter touch with my womanish side.

14.Just because I drive nice cars and convertibles … don’t think I’m a womanizer .. I only share with the ones I love … (my fresh X6 … with nobody … sorry)

15.Because of all this … don’t think I’m utter of s*t … I’m actually peaceful .. and laid back.

For the next 15 … ask mij.. ??

SO…if you can look past my big ears .. .live with mij having a surname [eliminated] .. love kidz…and be a good joy loving, adventurous, friend… then voeling mij!

Speak directly to the heart

* Who`s head always find the right spot on my shoulder

* with ease getraind into my arms and surplus hier cheek on my chest

* may take hours to get dressed but ter the end it makes it all worthwhile, when my face lights up at the picture of you..

* The way u fish for compliments even tho’ wij both know that I think you are the most beautiful and sexy woman te the world..

* Your choice of sexy stiletto strapped sandals and leather boots, and the fact that U actually wear them, simply because U know I like it when u wear them, even however your feet kills u after a while….But you know I`ll rubdown them for you afterwards..

* How lovely i think u are when wij argue and u dig your high-heeled shoes ter to make a point and be heard

* The way your arm always finds mine when u are delicado or insecure

* The way U smile and feel when U see my name on your mobile unexpectedly

* The way u sit with your gams sometimes crossed or tucked ter under u, ter a sexy way, or twine a gam through mine te a public place

* The way that u smooch mij when I least expect it

* The way u getraind/fall into my arms when u wanna cuddle or sob or when u are tired or sad

* Then the way u apologize for howling overheen something bimbo..

* The way u say “I miss you” when wij are speciaal

* When u say “I love you” and i know that it’s for Vivo. Cause your eyes tell mij so..

if you feel you can treat most of that

Attempt a combination of sassy, spunk and wittiness!

I’m a habitual member of the human species with some imperfections, but with a strength of ten spil well, I kid ye not! I strive to live fearlessly (kinda difficult with …name of political figure …around, lol) and not to merely see life ter black-and-white. I see the many rebaño areas around us and attempt to make sense of this wonderfully weird, wacky world of ours.

Among my activities are pinnig of hiking, exploring open spaces (especially the one inbetween thy ears), road running, ice skating [a fresh (ad)venture], and using my senses (not the one referred to spil “common”) optimally – like smelling cinnamon, the humidity of the earth and freshly cut grass, tasting a rip, listening to the birds’ symphonic sounds at five ter the morning, feeling the warmness of a loving hug and tasting the sweet ter inbetween sour.

Interests include biographies, sharing and listening, reading and writing, challenges that inflame the spark, theatre (including football), kunst and galleries, recipe books, travel magazines, novels and movies, children and the débil – the least, the last and the lost inbetween us.

I’m adaptable, fair, semi-transparent, don’t hold grudges and love times te the rugged outdoors spil much spil I do the comforts of my toevluchthaven. I’m keen on daring sporty challenges, animals, children and fine music. And I’m not into fighting, sulking, cheating, clothing accounts, credit cards, clubbing, shopping malls or industrial pounds.

I love moments that offerande beauty ter kunst, people, nature, words and deeds. Gigantic trees, fireplaces, the moon, starlets, bonfires, thunder storms, butterflies, rural places and their people, long stretched-out roads and cross-word puzzles all fascinate mij with their mystique and the many stories they carry. If only they could tell!

I believe passion is most likely one of the most significant dimensions of the human composition – without that wij are left without those desires and aspirations that keep us going.

It would be nice if you have a head with eyes and a mouth and ears linked to it. Throw ter humor and the capability to switch my tyre – well not mine, the car’s – and you’re halfway there already…

Someone natural, respectful, stable, translucent and consistent ter thinking and behavior. Someone who has a curiosity about the world and a joyful passion for life, one who shows humor and integrity.

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