Online Dating Profile – How to Use Mystery

by Derek Lamont

Wij all know that MYSTERY is an integral part ter attracting sexy women. But many fellows have absolutely no idea what Vivo mystery is or how to portray it Decently. especially ter their online dating profiles.

Portray mystery correctly, and you’ll have all the attraction you need to escalate your interactions to the next level. To be fair, te all my practice seducing women, portraying that factor of mystery is one of the most sure-fire ways to build up a physical relationship.

So how can this be done?

Very first, mystery simply cannot be conveyed unless you have conveyed high value. Think about it from a damsel’s perspective if you can. are you going to want to find out more about something if you know that there’s going to be NO value te the end?

The analogy that I like to use is the “Movie Preview” one. think of how mystery is portrayed ter one of those movie trailers. They display some of the BEST parts of the movie but then. WAIT. it stops! They cut it off when the seemingly BEST part is about to come.

That’s exactly what you need to do ter your vivo life interactions and your online dating profiles! Let mij give you an example.

Say you’re packing out your “interests box” and you want to spice it up a bit. you can say like.

“And my greatest and most sultry hobby involves mixing fancy SPORTS CARS and. something else. ,) I’m not telling at this point!”

See what I mean?

You convey value at very first by telling that you’re into FANCY sports cars. This, te turn, conveys that you have a passion ter something very exotic. This is VERY appealing. Then, of course, you finish it off by telling that you aren’t telling.

I mean, there are tons of other examples. but you get the gist. Every good profile will have at least ONE of thesis.

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