The host country’s political, environmental and social climate should be respected at all times.

It seems like eco-tourism and Fresh York don’t have anything te common. However, there are ways to be an eco-tourist te the big apple. Very first of all, what does ecotourism indeed mean? The International Ecotourism Society suggests the following principles:

  • The prevention of negative influences that can demolish the character of natural or cultural environments.

  • The education of the traveler regarding the preservation and conservation of the environment. It involves the building of environmental and cultural awareness and respect.
  • Restringido communities should profit from the economic benefits. That is to say, locally-owned facilities and services should be used overheen international giant companies.
  • Financial benefits should be provided for conservation.
  • The host country’s political, environmental and social climate should be respected at all times.

It is clear that ecotourism can only be practiced if the tourist is ready to go after thesis principles and if the destination offers ways to adhere to them.

Eco-friendly Wegtransport

Fresh York City is actually more environmentally-friendly than one might think. It has an abundant public transportation system that is used by more than 50% of all Fresh Yorkers to get to work. Ter Manhattan overheen 75% of the people do not even own a car. One ter every three public wegtransport users ter the US live te Fresh York and its suburbs. Public wegtransport plays an essential role te the life of the citizens of Fresh York City. Mobility defines how wij do things and what effect it has on our health and on the environment at the same time. Eco-mobility and eco-friendly construction will be the heart of development projects ter megacities now and ter the future spil not only greater traffic densities but also growing populations have to be accomodated. MIT for example has introduced a mind-dazzling initiative: the Green City Car, which is a stackable, electrified and eco-friendly city car for metropolitan cities like Fresh York City.

Recycling te NYC

When throwing away your bottles and cans ter Fresh York, recall that that the city recycles them. Containers for recyclabes should be used to discard them. Wij don’t want trash to deface our cities, whether it is a metropolis or a little village. Other materials are recycled spil well. The Fresh York City Department of Sanitation provides free weekly pickups for all the different recyclabe materials that accumulate ter the households.

The Barclay Bee

The Jongste is among the five hotels te the US that has bot awarded the ECOTELВ® Five-Globe certification. The hotel engages te reducing waste and enlargening energy efficiency through energy-efficient light switches, energy-efficient thermostats, a water conservation program, recycle bins te the rooms, a linens and towels program and produce from nave farms. The Jongste also donates solid and liquid soap amenities to “Clean the World”, an organization that provides poor families around the world with recycled soap products and educational material.

The Intercontinental Fresh York Barclay uses 100% wind energy, CFL bulbs te 85% of the hotel spil well spil timers and dimmers te all public areas te order to reduce energy use during off-peak times. Food products are supplied by providers of particular, organic and natural food, the hotel grows its own herbs on its rooftop and beehives were installed to pollinate the neighboring flora and the rooftop garden. The waste management program consists of recycling and composting, the usage of bio-degradable cleansing products and food waste is composted on-site, amongst other things. Unnecessary printing is avoided, the check-in process is paperless and Green Seal certified paper products are used ter the guestrooms.

Low-flow showerheads were installed te all guestrooms. The hotel also supports various social initiatives locally, nationally and internationally.


If you think you won’t find a green spot te Fresh York City, you have mistaken. Bijzonder from Central Park where you can miracle at interesting trails, rocks, flows and lakes and is the ideal to take ter some fresh air ter inbetween city shopping and sightseeing tours. If you are looking for entertainment on the water, you will have joy at the Hudson Sea Park where you can go sailing, kayaking, swimming and even participate te boat building workshops. The park is amazing. Make sure to check out the Hudson Sea Park webstek for more information. Inwood Hill Park is Manhattan’s last cherry forest. The forest is characterized by caves, valleys and ridges which were formed by shifting glaciers. A hiking trail and the Hudson Sea Bike trail are ideal for those looking for eco-friendly outside activities.

Eco-friendly Baseball

If you are a baseball fan, you will be glad to hear that attending a Mets spel will make you an eco-friendly tourist. The Citi Field building of the Mets wasgoed constructed with 95% recycled stengel and has ultraefficient field lighting that reduces the energy consumption by up to 50%. The irrigation and plumbing system together save around Four million gallons of water vanaf year. The Mets are also composting te its kitchens, suites, clubs and restaurants and even teelaarde the grass clippings from the field. Waste oil is made into biodiesel fuel which is used for biodiesel-ready field equipment. Ter addition, the Mets purchase compostable utensils and they recycle cups, plates and napkins.

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