Then having the pleasure of watching hier spil she loved numerous private dances.

i wanna know what’s the weirdest thing you have everzwijn done on a very first date. come on lets not be timid.

the weirdest thing i have everzwijn done wasgoed to lean ter to smooch the dude i wasgoed on a very first date with and ended up lighting my hair on fire from the candles on our table..

The weirdest thing I everzwijn did wasgoed to take my gf to a disrobe drankbuffet of hier own choosing, based on hier own idea of going, without mij telling anything to hier. Then having the pleasure of watching hier spil she loved numerous private dances.

Sounds like joy to mij.

Pittsburgh used to have a superb speelfilm repertory. I eyed this cutie every morning waiting for the bus and built up the nerve to asked hier out. ‘Casablanca’ wasgoed playing at the aforementioned rep house. Well, I looked at the wrong date and took hier to see ‘Eraserhead’ instead. Wij ended up a duo, but I think that set things back for a duo weeks.

okay, so i don’t know exactly the weirdest thing i’ve done on a very first date. i’m an oddball so very likely something out there but just gets lost te the weird deeds across my life.

and the last chick the fellow eyed sat down for refrigerio with him and she had to urinate so bad, but for some reason determined to just urinate all overheen herself. the worst wasgoed hearing the piss cascade on the floor. gross.

That reminds mij.

i have bot on TWO dates–one a very first for sure–where I have had to wonder off and take a urinate while leaving my date ter or near my car.

Funny thing is, nothing wasgoed everzwijn said and neither one knew what i had done/just kinda pretended i wasgoed tryign to figure out where wij were or that i heard something

Mine involves a spatula, duct gauze, kind oil and a shower curtain.

is sleeping with the other on your very first date, is that weird, never done that, but dont do it hehe,

Having hook-up ter the drivers cab of a British Riel train! Yes.. the s train wasgoed moving and YES he wasgoed driving!

well, I used to cruise this town called Wooster..I went out with a dude who had bot after mij for what seemed like an eternity, he had a nice Charger, so I figured , merienda won’t hurt..he bored mij so much..wij were parked and this man te a ritme up , but very built up 79 Malibu kept staring everytime he passed, I fineally smiled at him, he whipped it ter the parking loterijlot, the dude I wasgoed with wasgoed boasting about his date to his friends, I calmly pulled myself out the passenger window and got into the strangers car who had the malibu..and wij commenced dated and had a kid Four years zometeen. the boy te the malibu wasgoed not rich like the stud I snuck away from , but I liked him better, he wasgoed not stupid like the Dodge boy and he ended up striking the dodge man up overheen him stalking mij after what I did ..

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