I didn’t have cable either spil I couldn’t afford it.

A Fresh Beginning

Several years ago when very first I transferred from Plattsburgh to Fresh Paltz, Fresh York, I didn’t know what to expect. My emotions were an equal mix of both excitement and fear spil I began a fresh chapter ter my life. Having arrived ter Fresh Paltz, I wasgoed to embark on a fresh life, with a fresh view outside my bedroom window, while pursuing a fresh course of examine at the State University of Fresh York at Fresh Paltz. I wasgoed indeed reinvigorated and so had a “new pulse” within mij. Having loaded practically everything I possessed into my Saturn to the point of bursting, I drove to what would become my fresh huis for the better part of the next decade.

I wish I could tell you that my situation ter the early going that things were nothing brief of fabulous and couldn’t have bot better. I wish that I could tell you that I had slew to eat and lived leisurely te the poetslap of luxury without a worry te the world. But then I would be lounging, because the truth wasgoed that I slept atop a makeshift-bed that wasgoed nothing more than a folded comforter laid out on my floor. The surplus of the rivierbedding consisted of a 2nd comforter and two pillows. My source of entertainment consisted of my Dell pc, a 13-inch color TV with a missing remote, a Nintendo N64, a Trek mountain bike and a hundred or so books. I didn’t have cable either spil I couldn’t afford it. I lived on a very taut budget—off collegium loans and financial aid. Some of the ways te which I wasgoed able to get through is highlighted ter another one of my hubs: How to Save Money For a House.

But ter spite of living off $25 a week on groceries and living ter a little studio apartment inbetween three apple orchards, I wasgoed glad. At the time, I lacked a checking account and so paid all my bills with postal money orders and so didn’t lose any sleep at night wondering whether or not the check I sent out that day would all of a sudden get rubbery and bounce. I loved that I had no one to reaction to or dodgy roommates to pester for their share of the bills, because for the very first time ter my life, I eventually had a place I could call my own and drape my Fresh York Giants cap. I loved the fact that life had given mij a 2nd chance to make a Fresh Impression. The wild turkeys, raccoons, blue jays, cardinals, deer, black bear and occasional mountain lion were now my companions.

Beauty and Outdoor Activities Abound

It wasgoed harsh at very first to not become a hermit within the restrains of my hovel after coming from a tumultuous collegium lifestyle. Upon commencing my fresh life ter Fresh Paltz, I desired only to get my degree and keep to myself. Aside from attending classes, the only other place I went to wasgoed work to supplement my income. But everywhere I looked there wasgoed natural beauty all around mij. Here’s what I found:

Minnewaska State Park Preserve and Lake Awosting

Minnewaska State Park Preserve and Lake Awosting

Fresh Paltz’ Minnewaska State Park is a 21,106 acre preserve located ter the Shawangunk Ridge (the ‘Gunks’ for brief) region or about 90 miles north of Fresh York City. For the most part, visitors use the park for picnicking, hiking, mountain biking, snowshoeing, and swimming. There are a total of three sky lakes at Minnewaska, including Lake Minnewaska, Lake Awosting, and Mud Pond. Lake Minnewaska is approximately a mile long and a quarter of a mile broad. Lake Awosting is about dual its size.В

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