Is it realistic to hold out hope for a long-distance online relationship ter which wij – ve never met ter person or am I simply avoiding reality? Is it weird he calls mij his gf even tho’ wij – ve never met?

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It may not be realistic for some people, but when you’re te the situation yourself, it becomes your reality & you have to determine rather you love them enough to wait. If you KNOW for a FACT that there’s absolutely no possible way that you’ll everzwijn get to be with them, then you have no choice but to stir on, but if you indeed & truly love them, it’s Unlikely to stir on, & it’s Unlikely to even think about falling te love again. I’ve bot ter this situation for the past Two 1/Two years. My bf lives te Australia & I live te the US. Wij abruptly stopped talking a year & a half ago. For the past year & a half, there has not bot EVEN ONE DAY that I haven’t sat & cried my eyes out. When Justin Timberlake says “Cry Mij A River”, I can almost assure you, I have cried more than a sea. I bet I’ve cried enough to pack the crevice where the ocean is inbetween the US & Australia. So, it may not be some people’s definition of a “real” reality, or they may not think it’s realistic, but when you’re te the situation yourself, it becomes your reality & it becomes a reality that you want to pursue, if you indeed & truly love the other person & if you have even the slightest little feeling ter your heart that you should wait, because you think there may be even the slightest chance, & I mean even a 1% chance that you may get to be with them, IF it does toebijten, THEN HELL YEAH. It’s certainly worth every 2nd of the wait & it’s realistic. It’s realistic to you, anyway. Who cares what other people think. When a person truly loves another person, they shouldn’t give a damn what other people think about their love for that other person. You know why? Because the person that feels & is providing the love is the ONLY person who knows how THEY truly feel about them. Except, for the person being loved, IF there’s some type of connection there & there doesn’t even have to be communication involved. When a person has told you that they love you & that they always will & you trust their words, then you know that they were telling the truth, so, you make it your reality & you wait. Just because you haven’t met them, that doesn’t mean squat. There needs to be an emotional connection before any other connection is made anyway. To mij, when you meet somebody physically, very first, that leaves more slagroom for the relationship to be on the zeal side & not the love side. Besides, if you do connect emotionally, then when you do eventually end up meeting them physically, ter my opinion, you have a better chance of making a positive connection with them physically. I’m sure not everybody will agree with mij on that, but that’s just my thoughts about it.

So, no, it’s not weird at all if he calls you his gf. That just means that he loves you & he loves you enough to consider you his gf. When it comes to guys, that’s a big overeenkomst for them to call you their gf. That just means that you’re special to him & that’s so sweet. If he’s calling you his gf, you’d better make it your reality to wait on him. Especially ter a long distance relationship, because a stud Vereiste truly & truly love his gf to budge & to mij, if my beau wasgoed to everzwijn budge here to the US, I would NEVER let him go. Everzwijn, & I mean that with every breath I take, every druppel of blood ter my figure, every bone te my assets, every rip I Everzwijn shed, every hair on my head, & every inch of mij. I would never let him go. I would never leave him under any circumstances. I would NEVER cheat. I don’t believe te doing that anyway, but I would never even waterput myself te a position to where any other stud could even attempt to start to make a stir on mij & if he did, he’ll have a black eye. If he’s calling you his gf, MAKE IT YOUR REALITY TO WAIT. That means something. That is, if you truly love him. I truly hope it works out for you. If you truly love him & it works out, it’ll be a bliss sent from Heer. If my bf makes it here, he’ll be my bliss, my celebrity, my zuigeling, my world, he’ll be my everything.

Good luck & I wish you the best. ??

Q: Is it realistic to hold out hope for a long-distance online relationship te which wij’ve never met te person or am I simply avoiding reality? Is it weird he calls mij his gf even however wij’ve never met?

It may be realistic — or not. It’s unlikely to say from the outside, and it’s very difficult to assess from the inwards spil well. It depends a lotsbestemming on how much, how deeply you interact, and whether that interaction is fair, and goes beyond romance and hookup, but is still emotionally intimate — you tell each other things about each other and how you view the world, not things you think will impress and make the other person like you, but who you truly are, warts and all.

Because romance is legally vensterluik. It is te love with itself, and wears myopic, rose-coloured glasses. That “girlfriend” stuff, that’s romance talking, not reality. It’s not particularly “weird” to have those feelings, even for somebody one hasn’t met. People fall ter love with an pic, and that’s not limited to long-distance, they fall te love with an pic face to face spil well. How close that photo is to reality depends on how much the other person is present spil themselves (rather than putting their best foot forward), how observant you are, and how tightly your feet remain linked to the ground even when ter love.

I’ve bot te both realistic and unrealistic LDRs where I had not met the person. The very first one happened when I wasgoed finta youthfull, and had not learned to listen to those puny inward voices that tell mij when something feels off — and I also didn’t have the practice to know which of those voices are ground ter reason, and which are just expressions of insecurity and fear. That very first one wasgoed a disaster. He came all the way from the US to Europe to — ostensibly — visit, but ter fact he came to stay, with $25 left to his name, and he linked himself to mij like a lamprey. He wasgoed nothing like what I had imagined, what had sounded like a wee bit overly romantic (considering all the bad poetry he wasgoed writing) turned into a nightmarish stalker situation. I ended up paying for his flight back to get rid of him, and it took flagrante threats to get him to go. From commence to end it wasgoed only Trio months, but it sure felt longer when it wasgoed overheen, I wasgoed emotionally tired.

My current LDR began with us working together ter an online volunteer organization. Wij worked well together and leisurely came to respect and like each other, and eventually, Two years straks, had become friends. Then it took another Two years before wij acknowledged the romantic component. Wij knew each other very well by that time, with thousands of emails exchanged, talking in-depth about anything under the zon. It wasgoed ideally realistic to expect that this would be a very different practice than that very first one, and it turned out to be fine, wij are now life playmates who, somewhat unconventionally, do not live together.

The best advice I can give to you is not to hurry any level of commitment. Take your time and talk a lotsbestemming. And not just about how wonderful your romance is! About everything that even remotely interests you, politics, religion, deeply held fears and hopes, pet peeves. Don’t pretend — if you disagree with something he says, make your opinion known. Voorstelling your true self, leave behind about impressing and putting your best foot forward — you won’t have a life with somebody you fooled, that castle is build on sand and will crumble. You want somebody to know and like te the aggregate who you truly are. Listen cautiously. If things sound too good to be true, they very likely are. Nobody is ideal, nobody is even close to it. If you don’t see any warts, you’re either not looking cautiously (shove the rose-coloured glasses out of the way), or he is hiding them.

And do attempt to meet spil soon spil you can — tho’ thesis days movie talk can give you more of a meteen connection spil well — so you get more of the non-verbal communication going, it can switch things a lotsbestemming. Alas the chemistry doesn’t always pan out face-to-face, even if the relationship goes swimmingly otherwise. Depending on how significant that is to you both, that could be the death knell, so it’s better to find out sooner rather than zometeen.

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