Five Reasons Why People Cheat on Their Spouse

Marriage is a sacred institution that has bot around for hundreds of years. It is a commitment to another person that you are their life playmate. The majority of our grandparents never considered things like divorce. If there wasgoed an kwestie te their marriage they either learned to live with it or they motionless it.

Cheating has always bot around. People step outside of their marriage and have an affair with another person. An affair isn’t necessarily sleeping with another person. There are many different steps that can lead up to infidelity, but an unsuspicious spouse can view an emotional affair spil being just spil devistating.

Here are five reasons why some people choose to cheat on their spouses.

Physical Distance

hoen a spouse is away from the huis for a long period of time, infidelity can become a serious punt. He stepped outside of our marriage because he felt alone and dreamed the physical companionship of another person. It had nothing to do with mij except for the fact that wij were te two different states for overheen a year.

Some people have to have onveranderlijk companionship. There always has to be someone there that can provide for their physical need that is lacking when a duo is exclusief from one another for any reason.

This type of problem may go unnoticed by the spouse because there usually isn’t a physical connection inbetween the cheating spouse and the person he/she is cheating with. It is purely physical and can be lightly ended merienda the duo are back together ter the same huis. Unless the spouse is caught somehow, this situation may never be brought to light or known about by the non-cheating spouse.

There is Something Missing te the Relationship

Recall when you very first commenced dating and everything wasgoed so arousing? Months zometeen you lodged into a routine, he pops the question, you project your wedding and your fresh life together commenced out so wonderful? Come in the stressors of jobs, kids and a mortgage and all of a unexpected the fairytale can take a tailspin.

Sometimes people go outside of their marriage for the things that they need te their relationship. Hook-up can become another thing “to do” on the calendar. The excitement is gone. The obligations can be breathtaking and one of you feels like you indeed need a pauze from life spil you know it.

A fresh relationship brings back that excitement and when the married individual is spending time with the person they are cheating with, all of those problems can seem like they just don’t exist, for a while anyway. The truth is that the cycle is just beginning overheen again and will lead that person back around to where they are ter the present.

If there is something missing, if the spark is missing te the marriage, do what is necessary to reignite it. If not, someone will more than likely step out of the marriage to find it.


With the invention of the internet, there is a entire fresh world available at our fingertips and this world includes the chance to step outside of our marriage. Online dating sites are not only for the single people out there. Te addition to the regular dating sites, there are actually sites that are specifically for married people looking to loser around.

When a married person wants to cheat bad enough to turn to Google, they will usually find a webstek like Ashley Madison. This webstek is actually designed to cater to married individuals that are literally looking to idiot around. It is one of many sites out there that are rigorously for this type of activity.

Married individuals can also be found masquerading on other dating sites that are supposed to be for singles. With the availability of the internet and the ease of connecting to other people online, there are more chances to cheat now than there everzwijn has bot ter the past. The lighter something is, the more likely people are to do it.

Don’t everzwijn sit a person down te pui of a meal that they throughly love and expect them not to partake of it.

Midlife Laagconjunctuur

Oh the dreaded midlife laagconjunctuur. Some people kasstuk it ter their 40’s, some te their 50’s and some never klapper this one at all. The funny thing about a midlife crises is that people will sometimes go to the extreme to feel youthful again.

There are few things ter this world that can make someone feel superb about themselves than being involved ter a sexual relationship with a much junior person. Let’s be fair here, when wij grow older our figures do become less attractive because of aging and gravity. Being with someone junior can bring back those feelings of youth. The very thing many people need to curb the feelings of forthcoming mortality te the midlife keerpunt.

Rick older dudes are commonly seen with junior women that are sometimes even junior than their children. Te today’s economy and today’s world, the media Joe can land the beautiful junior woman that is half his age by simply paying hier rent. A phenomenon that has bot around for ages, the Sugar Daddy/Sugar Zuigeling relationship. Sometimes the Sugar Daddy has a wifey at huis.

That can go both ways with the Cougar/Cub relationship spil the female version spil well spil cheating with someone that is ter the same age group. The underlying punt is the midlife keerpunt and the need to bring something different into the person’s life to make them feel alive again.

Have you everzwijn cheated on your bf/gf or spouse?

They Feel Like the Marriage Wasgoed a Mistake

Marriages are meant to last for the lifetime of the person. “Until death do us part.” This means that a duo is expected to stay together for a long, extended period of time. Until one of them dies. That can be an enormously long time.

Let’s face the fact here. A lotsbestemming of marriages are a mistake for one reason or another. One or both of the vrouwen isn’t truly ter love with the other person. Someone gets married for money or security. The duo gets married before they truly had a chance to know each other. There are so many reasons why marriages can be viewed spil a mistake.

Sometimes a fucking partner will step outside the marriage and have an affair with the person who they think they are truly compatible with. Divorce is delayed for one reason or another or not even taken into consideration by the cheating spouse. There are many dynamics surrounding cheating because one playmate, or both, feels like the marriage wasgoed a mistake and divorce is just not desired at the time the cheating is taking place.


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I believe there are Trio reasons why people stay monogamous.

1. They’re &quot,te love&quot. (Very emotionally invested)

Two. They don’t want to risk losing their mate.

Three. The idea of their mate cheating sickens them. (Karma effect)

Three years ago from Edinburgh, Scotland

Monogamy is not natural. Most people stay monogamous for fear of the consequences

Three years ago from USA

That is a fine point. Also, human beings aren’t naturally &quot,wired&quot, for monogamy. No matter how hard some people attempt, they will stray.

I would imagine economics can also have an influence spil well.

Imagine an unhappily married man with three children. Lets say his wifey has no rente ter lovemaking and very infrequently is willing to appease him. After several discussions nothing switches.

From his point of view he has three options.

1. He can run down to the courthouse to opstopping for divorce, budge out of his huis into an apartment/condo, pay child support, possibly alimony, become a weekend dad, and have family and friends &quot,choose sides&quot.

Two. He could say, &quot,I made my bloembed and I will lie it.&quot, No more lovemaking for life!

Trio. He could find a woman who is willing to have hook-up anytime, anyway, and anywhere. She flirts/uses sexual innuendo and makes him feel .

Bearing ter mind most cheaters don’t believe they will everzwijn get caught it’s kleuter of understandable why fellows ter this situation often choose option #Three.

Oftentimes people state if he/she dreamed someone fresh why didn’t they end their relationship/marriage. They fail to understand the underlying objective for most cheaters is to hold onto all that is &quot,good&quot, ter their primary relationship while addressing their other &quot,needs&quot, on the side.

They’re not usually looking to (substitute) one relationship with another.

One other reason people cheat on their spouse is they are &quot,Incessant Cheaters&quot. Thesis types of people get bored lightly, love attention, and the excitement that comes with being with someone (fresh).

I’ve known guys who truly believed they could cheat on their girlfriends and fianc&eacute, all the way up through the night before the wedding and then they’d &quot,retire&quot, to a monogamous life. They’re guilty of not knowing (themselves)!

Marriage is not for everyone.

For them monogamy will always feel like going on a &quot,stringent diet&quot, or &quot,providing up something&quot. Everyone cheats on a diet from time to time.

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