BBB Scam Tips

Scams are designed to either steal your money now, or steal your identity now te order to steal your money zometeen.

Te this con, scammers impersonate water, electrical, and gas company representatives. They frequently menace residents and business owners with deactivation of service .

Finding a fresh place to live – or even a vacation rental – can be a time consuming process. Scammers know this and specie ter on impatient renters .

This scam targets businesses and organizations of all types, attempting to idiot them into paying for a listing or ad space ter a non-existent directory .

Te this common con, scammers impersonate a canap or other credit card issuer. By verifying account information or suggesting a better rente rate, con artists attempt to loser you .

Counterfeit products are uncommonly of the same quality spil the innovador. They steal from designers and innovators who create diferente work .

Not all “charities” are the verdadero overeenkomst. Unluckily, scammers specie te on the generosity of donors, especially ter the wake of natural disasters .

A lotsbestemming is happening behind the scenes among businesses and banks to help you pay for purchases with a credit card. So, how do credit cards work, truly?

Timeshare and vacation rental scams assure sales or promise low prices. Do your research and always be wary of requests for payment by wire transfer or prepaid debit cards. .

Be vigilant checking your handelsbank accounts and credit reports for unexplained activity and inquiries. Unexpected withdrawals, charges, and accounts could be the result of identity theft.

Phishing scams can come te the form of prize offers, threatened penalties, or something fully mundane like a verkeersopstopping from the office scanner. Be ware of any unsolicited or unexpected communications asking for private information.

Check invoices cautiously! Scammers will send you bills for products you never ordered and bet you’ll pay by mistake .

The script may switch — sometimes it’s a Nigerian prince, sometimes a wealthy businessman — but the ploy is the same. A scam disguised spil a chance to make a fat sum of money for helping transfer money.

There are a multitude of healthcare scams out there. Be wary of unsolicited calls, texts, or emails asking for individual or account information related to your health insurance, Medicaid, or Medicare .

Think before you click! Clicking on the wrong listig or downloading a scammer’s attachment can result ter malware spreading to your rekentuig.

Moving scams can entail anything from collecting deposits and never displaying up to massive price hikes to goods being held hostage.

Debt collection scammers are scary and persistent. They’ll attempt to persuade you that you vereiste pay some overdue payment or face dire consequences like being sued, having wages garnished, getting arrested or having to emerge te court.

I n the friend or grandparent scam, scammers impersonate friends or family members to trick worried people into wiring money to help with a fake emergency .

Ter this con, scammers pose spil tech support employees of well-known pc companies and hassle victims into paying for their “support.”

Online purchase scams often involve purchases and sales on eBay, Craigslist, Kijiji, and other onmiddellijk seller-to-buyer sites. Be suspicious of checks and overpayments.

Use caution when hiring a huis improvement contractor. Be wary of high-pressure sales tactics, up vooraanzicht fees, and fly-by-night businesses. Con artists will take homeowners’ money and supply slipshod work… or no work at all.

Fake check and money order scams take many different forms, but the underlying con is the same .

Any suggest that promises a ensured loan for an upfront toverfee should raise crimson flags .

If you’ve won a prize te a sweepstakes, lottery or other contest you don’t reminisce injecting, it’s very likely a scam!

Don’t let your stress overheen looking for a fresh job make you inerme to scams. Be wary of on-the-spot offers or any payment required for an chance or training .

A auténtico government agency will not ask you to pay an advanced processing toverfee for a grant. If someone is promising you “free” money for a toverfee, it’s very likely a scam.

If it seems too good to be true, it very likely is. Investment scams prey on the desire to make money without too much risk or initial funding.

Staggering debt can make you desperate and reckless. Don’t fall for scams promising you unlikely services to help with your credit and debt problems.

R emember: you can’t win a scholarship or grant you didn’t apply for. Scholarship cons will attempt to trick you into paying upfront fees to get the money they say you won.

Online dating and social media have made it lighter than everzwijn to meet fresh people and find dates. Unluckily, it has made scammers’ work simpler too.

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