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One of the things that’s particularly difficult to treat ter life is rejection, more so while dating. Some people even avoid the process of dating so that they don’t have to cope with any potential ‘rejections’. I’m going to be fair with you here – yes dating does involve some amount of rejection but its not the end of the world if someone who you are not yet te a relationship with determines to part ways, ter fact it’s not even a rejection ter the positivo sense. Just like you have rejected people, you have got to be ready for a script where someone may not be interested to pursue things with you. I keep hearing the same things from people, and to be fair I have felt thesis things too at some point ter the past, things like..

“But wij had a good time, why did he reject mij? What is wrong with mij?” Okay since when is someone determining to not pursue things with you for whatever reasons an indication of your worth spil a woman, or even spil a human being. You are you, no matter who you are with or not. If they din’t want to take things further, that is their call, leave it be. They took a decision based on their perceptions and expectations, you are not responsible for that and it certainly has nothing to do with you.

Yes I’m not going to lie, there’s a chance they did not find you attractive te the same way you’re not going to every one you meet or date attractive. That’s OK. Attraction needs to go both ways for things to budge forward. It’s about how two people sync together and if they didn’t feel it, trust mij you’re better off this way. It will hurt your ego, and depending on your level of self esteem, it can hurt a loterijlot. But it’s flawlessly natural, chalk it up to life practice and quickly stir on.

Also, know that some guys won’t even give you a fair chance, they just want to entertain and get the woman’s approval. It’s significant to them to assure themselves of their manhood. Then there are guys who think they can do better than you which is different from simply not being attracted (chances are they are insecure about themselves). At the end of the day, you indeed have to ask yourself if you would’ve bot glad with such an immature person anyway. I know from practice that people often have their own private agendas and thought processes going on te the background, you have no way of knowing that. So the best thing you can do is not to take things personally, spil hard spil it may be and budge on.

“What did I do to make him vanish like that? I am so upset!” Him disappearing on you has nothing to do with you, it’s more about his own insecurities and cowardliness. You’ve indeed gotta ask yourself, if a stud lacks the common decency to end things decently, how can he be expected to make a good playmate? He disappeared because he can’t face up to you and doesn’t want conflict, ter other words he’s a coward. People like this can’t be relied upon ter the long run, and you should thank your absolutely lovely starlets he disappeared at the time that he did.

Ter the internet age, one also needs to be realistic. If you’ve only interacted with them online or overheen phone, and not met them te person yet, then I’m afraid you need to let it go. An online interaction doesn’t mean much, actually not anything. Because you have no idea what the person is truly like, whether they indeed are interested or not. It’s just a way to get introduced to someone, that’s all. Let’s assume if they had texted or called you to say no thanks, what then? If wij were being fair with ourselves, most of us would come to realise that it would’ve pinched either way. Yes, it’s not cool but if you’re hurting overheen being overlooked by someone you toevluchthaven’t even met, then it’s a clue that you need to reflect upon it and come back to reality. Know that if this man wasgoed potentially the one, he wouldn’t have disappeared.

“He wasgoed a superb catch! I don’t know if I’ll meet someone like him again” Let mij tell you this, if you are the zuigeling that derives their sense of worth from the person they’re with, you can be sure you will never feel contended ter life, even if you end up with that person. How you feel is directly tied to your self esteem, and when you feel fine about yourself, you automatically attract the right zuigeling of people. Sure, they’re fine if being fine is about how much you earn, how you look, how well you dance etc, but you and I know what the actual overeenkomst is. If it didn’t work out, it’s alright. Spil long spil your values are ter the right place, you will eventually meet the right person, believe ter yourself and stay positive.

“He said no, and I’m finding it indeed hard to get overheen it.. maybe I should just text or call him to give it one last chance(yet again)” They’ve made it clear that it’s not working for them for whatever reason, and they would like to budge on. This is where your self esteem comes into play. If you are the type that will resort to pursuing someone, let mij warn you that it will be at best embarrassing and at worst, a totally abjecting practice. You calling or texting them is not going to switch their mind, and even if they agree to come back, would you everzwijn feel secure being with someone you had to persuade to give you a chance? Do you truly deserve it? Do yourself a merced and just let it go.

By the way, this includes if they did not explicitly state or act ter an demonstrable way that they are not interested. Wij voorwaarde have our eyes and ears open, and learn to read inbetween the lines.

“I get so many expressions of rente on my dating profile, yet I’m still single, what does that say about mij?” Zekering wasting time by focusing so much on rejection and instead concentrate on getting to where you want to be. Maybe its time to go out on more dates, and spend less time online. Understand that there is a enormous difference inbetween wanting the right relationship and actually making the effort to be ter one.

“He’s moved on and observing someone else, while I’m still hurting, wasgoed I truly that effortless to leave behind? It’s just not fair!” So things didn’t work out, they’re free to date anyone they like and more importantly you’re free to get on with your life too! You can’t do that spil long spil you keep wondering about the relationship that never wasgoed, checking their facebook/dating profile, attempting to see what they’re up to.. you get the point. He’s not obligated to time his moving on with yours, and yes some people do hop into fresh relationships to avoid their feelings, that may well be the case. So don’t use the outward ‘pic’ they give out to feel like crap, instead just concentrate on your own life. It helps to lose the ego, and understand why things din’t work and if there’s something you can work on or avoid te the future.

Zekering all this rejection talk te your head and substitute it with positive activity. The more you feed into negativity, the more you will feel like it’s reality. Often times wij are rejecting ourselves ter the process. Look at it spil an practice from which you can learn and apply spil you go along. The fact is that dating someone is not a relationship ensure, it can go either way. Just because a date din’t work out doesn’t make you a failure. Its what you feel about you which matters te the end. This is why it is significant to hold on to your self esteem, and not make every single thing about yourself. It is what will ultimately help you land into a relationship that’s right for you.

Hi, I’m Aishwarya! Whether you want to declutter your mind, become more self aware & certain te yourself, or resolve a relationship punt, i’m here to help you. Decode your emotional baggage and relationships through my deep and clear insights, no fluff advice and step by step act plans.

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