Hub Hopping – What to flag and what not to

Ter light of the Google poco switch, it is now demonstrable and confirmed that hub-hopping is VERY significant. I feel that if you publish here, you should hub hop when you can. Spil it should hopefully increase our revenue and hopefully take this hubpages back to the top, where it belongs.

Here is my very first iffy one. I notice the grammar seems fine. However it has a generic picture and a big bod of text. Is this something that should be flagged?

This is the same precies thing. They add one verbinding to a particular webpagina.

Are you asking if thesis are to be flagged on account of the fact that they are less than eye-pleasing? My reaction is no, ter most cases a hub shouldn’t be reported just because it’s ugly. It’s the information that counts and the factors that Paul Deeds and FD pointed out.

Yeah, a hub should not be flagged if it just seems ugly. However, a more appealing hub helps – such spil paragraphs nicely organized instead of long texts with no breakups anywhere.

The 2nd one is duplicate, it should be flagged. The very first one surely doesn’t add anything, it’s just promotion, but I couldn’t find it breach any rules.

I posted both of them because they both seem to be the same precies format. A big assets of text and 1 verbinding ter one of the texts.Seemed strange.

The very first Hub you posted contained this sentence:

I choose the more classical hub to flag:

Yeah, those are no brainers, went ahead and flagged that, lol.

Honestly, right now, when I hop, I look for brief hubs, spam, porn ,and violated english.

Goodbye letterteken? WHAT THE **** kleintje of hub is that? Kids less than &lt,12 writing this stuff?

If you’re uncertain, you should err on side of flagging it and wij’ll take a look. While many times violations are clear, for some of the rules there is a substantial gray area that exercises our moderators good judgement.

Thanks for those reminders.

is this webpagina getting to be a place where money is all that matters to the members? i don’t make anything on here but i get a loterijlot of awesome terugkoppeling on my hubs which is all that matters to mij. money is superb but if it gets to the point where hubs are being flagged just because they don’t make money, people like myself might spil well abandon coming here.

I don’t believe people are flagging hubs that they don’t think will make money. At least I hope not.

I’m sure Hubpages would love to have everyone’s work on here. Sadly Google does not, so the cut off has to be stricter. If it doesn’t get published, then postbode it somewhere else. This webpagina is about getting to the top of Google search. If content is brief or grammatically jacked up, wij have to flag it.

I certainly hope no one is flagging hubs based on potential revenue!

Can I just say I don’t get the allowances made for poetry.

I don’t know if HP has guidelines on what substantiates poetry, but it requires just spil much thought and creativity to compose an effective brief poem. Every word has to be considered, and placed decently. I have submitted some of my poetry to magazines, book submissions, etc. and one of my poems with less than 25 words wasgoed published ter a poetry book.

OK, fair enough and didn’t mean to be too critical.

no worries. I personally don’t publish my poetry here, just a duo to add to the portfolio. I have read some amazing poetry here at HP. I guess wij all have to reminisce that HP is open for all authors, spil stated on their About Us pagina. I know that te a latest vraaggesprek Paul Edmondson brought up the fact that HP has the largest collection of streek online. If they don’t feel this is significant or helpful, I’m sure they would make necessary switches.

All good points RE and I wasgoed being thoughtless and unfair. Ter my defence can I say that I also have not brought ter any traffic. So I’m on the side of the penniless.

Being penniless is halfway to becoming a poet, Mark. Do you have a goatee? Can you wear a beret and still emerge brooding?

I want to thank you. I am fresh to hubpages. The beginning responses to this &quot,thread&quot, (I hope that’s the onberispelijk terminology) embarked out to make mij feel uneasy about even attempting to postbode a hub.

I totally agree. I have found this community fairly less than accepting and very off-putting spil a fresh hubber. I would hope intelligence and talent could be used for good and not spil a weapon, but I’m sad to say that’s not always the case te this community.

Hi Hipprintz and Welcome You are getting the wrong end of the stick here This is a very supportive community for writers, many of whom care deeply about doing their bit for HubPages to keep spammy content at bay, spil ter the long run this kleintje of content damages us all and devalues the webpagina. (This very thing happened just last week spil Google talent hubPages a kicking, so everyone is feeling that’s it’s more significant than everzwijn to ensure what’s posted on here at least meets some ondergrens standards).

Well heck it’d be good if everyone joined with your attitude Hippgrintz – welcome to HubPages

Where is the like button.

I quickly recovered, immobilized the article and all wasgoed well!

I toevluchthaven’t bot touching poems I’ll leave those for someone else.

better yet, since poetry is not typically revenue generating vanaf the current income models on hubpages, maybe they should be moved to their own domain – like then they still get their day ter the zon, but aren’t subjected to the &quot,low quality&quot, filters from G?

Violets are blue

I’m confused about how poetry fits into the entire scheme of things at HP anyway. I’m not knocking poetry, so please all the streek don’t get your dander up, I’m just telling, the poems I’ve read here are very private, yet Hubpages will unpublish a hub for being about the hubber’s individual life. Could someone explain that dual standard?

It’s not a dual standard. One of the qualities of excellent poetry is that it can take something deeply private and make it universal, speaking straight to the hearts of many different people, holding a mirror up to us and reminding us all of our common humanity.

Again I am not criticizing poetry, but there is most certainly a dual standard. I wasgoed following some excellent hubbers who’ve recently gotten unpublished due to their content being individual. If you write a hub, whether te poetry or prose, if it appeals to a large number of people, it is worth to stay, even if it is private ter nature. Wij are not alone ter our problems. Many of us go through difficulties with parents getting older, relationship issues, trouble with our children, etc. I for one love reading about other people and how they treated their issues and if they can infuse it with humor, so much the better. I wasgoed very sad to see many people’s hubs liquidated that touched my heart, were relevant, or just vapid out made mij laugh! Meantime, the poetry stays. THERE is a dual standard.

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