I am sultry about my writing here on HP and continuing to stay clean and sober.

what excites you te your life, something that you love to do, you are sultry about?

It only happens merienda.

I love to write, including hubs, blogs. This year I began online radiodifusión, and performing spil a radiodifusión DJ, producing an excellent showcase is exhilarating. Actually, anything done well is my passion. Thanks for asking.

Debby that is fine, and it sounds like a loterijlot of joy.

when I had my dance studio I wasgoed very sultry about it. It’s bot a long time te inbetween that I’ve bot sultry about ANYTHING te my life besides my children and grandkids. But, since I have bot involved ter Hubpages my writing is my renewed passion.

Denise, I am passing on what you wrote to my mom, I have bot attempting to get hier to write on hubpages, I know that she has so much to offerande and she would love it. I do keep hier very busy with my kids however, she loves being the ultimate grandma. lol

I am sultry about my writing here on HP and continuing to stay clean and sober.

I am sultry about most things I do, I love to tell people that there is hope, love to tell them they are loved and I love to be blessed and make others blessed. isn’t that enough passion.

That is so sweet of you Denise

It’s true. gee, and wij’ve never even met.

Does it matter? wij can still seethe goodness te the other!!

No, not at all (re: does it matter) That’s the cool part of it. Sensing and experiencing the goodness from another w/o everzwijn meeting them-just from what radiates through the words. Sweet.

G’nite! and sweet desires too !!

I love being creative. Nothing else matters! I love to draw (I suck), make things (fine a making jewelry), and also paint. I get a rush when I can make something out of something! When I feel stressed I embark drawing at work or huis, it calms mij down.

Cool. two thumbs up.

tdebrick that wasgoed funny what you said, because I love to draw too, and I have even taken drawing classes and I still (suck). lol

I suppose music is my greatest passion, albeit I’m not indeed very good at it. I’m not that good at anything, actually – Jack of all trades, master of none. Typical Gemini.

Oh Camlo, I am a Gemini too, being interested about many things is actually good, and it leaves life open to all the possibilities around us

creating and being creative.

living te the ogenblik.

instilling independent thinking ter my children.

I love read, write. I am interesting te many topics: health, nutrition, private growth, spirituality.

I love run: when I run I feel free!

I love attempt to understand the others, and myself too.

Ah . Almost I left behind: I love nature . I love listen it, see it, smell it. I think wij can all learn from nature to be simpler and have more patience and perseverance.

I love to eat but I’m having problems with my weight lately so I’m attempting to control my appetite for now especially this Christmas season.

I’m sultry about creativity. Whether it comes te the form of writing of a craft, creating a fresh project, it’s all arousing. If I had to pick one creative area it would be writing.

I love doing most creative things.. crochet, painting, drawing but my largest passion is writing poems.. I have hundreds which I’ve never even shown anyone.. this is the year.. I made the very first step a few weeks ago by joining hubpages, so it is onwards and upwards for mij from here

Very first I’m sultry about life itself,attempting to live every uur to the fullest.

My hubby , my daughters & grandkids – Travel ! Kampeerplaats , snorkelling & nature for a embark !

Painting and spending time with my kids, playing games, watching TV or just talking.

I’m sultry about fragrances. I think this is where my creativity lies. Fragrances perk mij up instantly. They are the reason for and the source of my being.

am sultry about voluntary ease work. have bot doing it for some Ten yrs now. have bot part of voluntary efforts te many nations, its always a joy to be there for others. i kleuter of miss it right now spil i have bot concentrating on my carrier for the past 1 1/Two year

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