Roosh V – s followers posted my details online after I criticised him

He’s calling it a ‘counter-operation’ against ‘the enemy’

“Neo-masculinist” Roosh V and his volgers have posted the private details of journalists who criticise him online.

After writing an article regarding Roosh’s planned meet-up te Leeds, I have bot included on the list – along with my Twitter, my Facebook and even my photo.

Labelled “Operation Bullhorn”, Roosh has described the list spil his “first counter-operation” – telling: “We’re going after the root of the problem.”

Roosh has posted asking his volgers, Come back of the Kings, to locate all articles written containing the keuze that they support sapo marino and harm against women.

It is claimed that Roosh’s pro-rape article wasgoed clearly spotdicht, and that the Come back of the Kings community has helped fellows who were previously invisible to women find success.

I wasgoed alerted to my presence on the list when I received a message request on Facebook from a stranger alerting mij to the fact.

The forum has now bot set to private, with signups only being permitted on the very first of every month.

Followers are being asked to collect the name of reporter, the media outlet, city of residence, Twitter, Facebook, and a photo.

The list also includes journalists from the Sydney Morning Herald, the Guardian, and the Telegraph.

One forum user said the backlash wasgoed “because women are startled that they won’t be able to get a free refrigerio anymore by virtue of having a vagina.”

The user continued: “Meanwhile their white knight beta bitch soldiers are there at their beck and call to fight their battles for them.

“How incompetent are journalists that they can’t get this ‘pro-rape’ thing right? I don’t believe it’s actually incompetency. It’s more like deliberate ignorance.”

Roosh’s volgers now project to use mine and other reporter’s details to get us te “hot water”.

Roosh announced this morning that Saturday’s planned meetups had bot cancelled, because he “can no longer ensure the safety or privacy of the boys who want to attend.”

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