I would relish your terugkoppeling should you take the time to read it: Most of my life my #1 calling has bot spil a Predikant’s Wifey.

Joined 8 years ago from Michigan. Last activity Three days ago. Welcome Friends and Visitors. Valuable life lessons are most often learned through the fire. Much of my writing features insights gained through the messes of life. Heer never wastes a hurt and He is faithful to work ALL things together for our good.

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How to know a boy likes you or love you Women always get a problem ter knowing if a boy likes or loves them, what makes it worse is that many times women and ladies cannot say it out to the fellows that they love them. What complicates the matters us that some guys are…

The Significance of the Name Lydia and The Colour Purple The colour purple combines the serenity and cool of blue and the fire and energy of crimson.

What does the name Lydia means and what insights and inspiration can modern-day Lydia’s get from the Lydia of the Bible? This is hub is all about Lydia. Here, you will find the meaning and origins of the name Lydia, inspirations from the Lydia of the Bible and the significance of the name Lydia if…

Like a warrior, I resisted.

I am a very savvy researcher and quiebro aware of scams online. I know the Internet is packed with lies, truth, and in-between. So, many times, I verify what I come across. I had read about online romance scams, but felt, surely, I would be able to detect it. That wasgoed partially true, but not…


The Lion Tamer I always preface my relationship stories with, “I sure know how to pick ’em!” No matter how cautiously I consciously choose someone “different this time,” they turn out the same. It’s not because I pick the same “kleintje.” I’ve had army officers and criminals, academics and activists.